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Monday, February 21, 2011

No Stopping at any time.

Just another patience tested and character building session sent our way.

The west coast got murdered with rain off and on Saturday. But it appeared most got out and got there sessions in. I was not one of those that did. I had my son this weekend and chose another path.

Some will think I'm insane when they read this next part.

I did manage to drag my little guy on a 2 hour turn around trip to ** wait for it ** check out a new bike.
Yes, that's right, your heard me. My beloved Italian Bianchi that I waited patiently for was mis sized. And try as I might for the love of it, I just can't get it to fit perfectly. And if it doesn't fit perfectly, it's not the bike for me. So lesson learned and I'll move forward.
I may be even moving deeper, into my past life of bike racing with this upcoming purchase. I won't be abandoning my beloved Triathlon, but may be embarking on adding some criterium and road racing to the mix as well.I never git any higher than a level 3 before, maybe I can do something special as a master? More on that later.

Patrick from and I, had been texting back and forth on Saturday evening about riding Sunday. It was likely getting annoying because of his short film on bikes,dogs and white noise.
That being said we finally agreed we would hook up at noon Sunday and get in some 50 + miles.

The next morning broke with sunshine and drying roads. It was about 9 a.m. when the e-mails via Face book from the bike club started. Some were meeting at HB pier around 10:00 for a ride.
I then started trying to see if P wanted to meet up earlier and jump in.
5 text later and I'm sure we were both scrambling, but managed to get it together.
We met at our normal spot and proceeded at a much faster pace to get to the starting point.
After rushing to get there and about 3oo yards away. I start noticing a looseness in my left pedal crank and a clicking in my bottom bracket.
Not good to say the least, and on top of that, no one was at the meeting point. We made it there with exactly 1 minute to spair.
Patrick and I looked at each other and our focus turned to my bike.
He made the comment of exactly what was on my mind. Bike religion is 4 miles away. Make it there, get it fixed and finish our ride.
We made it to and introduced ourselves. Fortunately the same guy that approached us is the same person I just had about an hour conversation with about a bike some 3 days ago.
As quickly as he could, he got my bike back there and racked to figure out what was what.
I really have to give the shop and him special props. Even though this is our club sponsored bike shop. I believe they would have given similar attention to anyone. Bike people are bike people.
That being said. It was finally realized a retainer cap on the left side of the crank had backed off and dropped out. They didn't have it. They helped phone another semi local shop and they didn't have it either. So it was get the crank back on as best as possible and try to get the 10-12 miles back home.

Off we went.
Within a couple of miles it was loose. We stopped and tightened it.
Within 3000 yards it was loose. We stop and tighten it.
Within 2000 YARDS IT WAS LOOSE AND THE WHOLE CRANK HAD COME OFF WHILE MY FOOT WAS STILL CLIPPED IN. We stopped ,I swore, we laughed and tightened it.
At this point Patrick is saying worse comes to worse I'll ride home get my truck and come back to get you.

I'm thinking, holly crap. It's not getting to that point is it ?

I put it back on and within 1000 yards it comes off again and Patrick runs it over. O.K. I'm done !!
We had came to the revelation that there is another bike shop on main street PCH that likely won't have the part, but Patrick was willing to hammer down there check it and get it if possible.

Again we laughed and he made the comment that at least I would have a blog story.

Off he went like a warrior. With the pure mentality of never leaving a soldier behind.
It was then when I called the support vehicle into action (aka my wife), just in case. While I was sitting there thinking about all that happened and was happening I noticed the pole my bike was leaning up against and what it said.
This is just cruel and rude.

This is what happened

All is well now, all thanks to a  good   GREAT  friend. And a support vehicle that got us home. At this time Patrick was over it and elected a ride home. His plan was to maybe go get a swim in. I don't know if he did or didn't but I suspect I know. He also got to meet my wife and Eric my youngest. So now my wife knows he actually exist and is not just a made up character in my head :-)

So we will ride another day soon.

But likely it will be on this - Full carbon Felt F-1 Garmin Slipstream powered by Chipotles model.
I couldn't resist it and put a deposit down on it.

Cant wait ! cant wait ! cant wait !!! like a little kid or worse.

I did get a run in this morning at a decent pace with no IPOD. THIS is rare for me. But Ive read so many blogs lately and articles on hearing your footsteps to the feeling your footsteps. I think I got away from this early on, and I don't think it has helped me.
So I did hear my steps, and it allowed me to change my step cadence, therefore my pace.

I got in a quick 3.4 miles in 29:33 with very little effort. This was huge for me, because I felt more fluid running at just over 8:30 pace than if I was running my normal 9:00 to 9:30 pace.
I know I cant run without music for long, but maybe this will instill the pace I need to be at. Then I can get my music back on. ?? 

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.



  1. I thought the whole thing was kind of fun. And yes, running over your crank arm is a top 10 all time awesome bike memory.

  2. Dude that was one tough day! Congrats on making it through and keeping your sense of humor. The new one you are looking at looks SWEET! :)

  3. That's a fast 3.4. Nice job!

    Laughing over your day and drooling over the bikes in your life.


    I come from a competitive mountain bike background, this road racing stuff is new to me. I've been watching alot of road racing while on my trainer and I'm stoked. I would love to give it a try one day! Maybe 2012 when I get a road bike built up.

    I cant wait until you get your bike! Sounds like a smart buy!

  5. Good story about two of my favorite bloggers. Patrick seems to now have unlimited range.

    Could you ask him to cruise on over to my LBS and get me a can of Tri-Flow? I was going to get it myself at lunch, but if this is what he likes to do for other cyclists...

  6. I know that had to be frustrating, but it was kind of funny to read.


    Yay for the new bike!