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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lunch time pole position

Apparently there are outside sources that read my blog and then go to my gym and jamb me up in the swimming lanes.
I never had company until I started blogging about how I never had company in the pool.
Now it's common on at least one swim a week where I share a lane. And all others have something going on. I say something because I'm guessing some nut case has sold these people on a bill of goods that what they are doing over there is in someway beneficial. And who the heck am I so maybe it is.
Hell I heard about this one crazy lady in Colorado area that runs in the pool for hours !!! Oh snap, did I say that out loud :-)
Today was kind of fun though because we were racing weather he knew it or not and I was kicking his ass.

This is not me, it's a friend of mine. But I love the picture so, whatever !!

Lunch swim was fast quick and furious. I am not fast, I'm not even allowed to use that word.
50 meter warm up
4x200 all under 3:58
2x100 both under 1:46
3x50 all under :41
 1150 meters in 21:35

Not blistering but certainly respectable for me. I was looking forward to swimming and it was good.
Plus I one all my heats today :-). 

It is perfect run, bike weather right now. Sunny and coolish. Holy cow would I love to be going hard on a bike right now or chew up a run trail!!

Train hard,train smart, be healthy.  


  1. That IS fast for me! wow!

    been loving the weather for running and cycling too. not so much for swimming for me, though.

  2. Our weather is great now too. I'm following the below-the-neck rule and holding off on my workouts, but should be there in a day or two.

  3. Craig - that is fast. I am huffing and puffing at 1:46 in a 100y and not meters.

    Nice job....keep up the great work and yes we are always racing even if they don't know it....LOL

  4. Wow nice swim times! did you borrow that kids flippers to make it happen? :)

  5. I like how you're convinced it's all about you in the pool and everyone is out to get into your lane.

  6. Craig, those are definitely respectable times. I think they are FAST. There, I said it :)