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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

I  blew off my morning run/ride (didn't know until I go) session this morning. Instead I chose to be the 1st one to call my dad on his birthday today. He's 79 and means the world to me. Sadly he'll never see this and that's o.k.
We'll just say he is a good O'l boy in the country and computers are a gadget he prefers to not deal with.

Quick tribute :

Grew up poor farm boy in Southern Illinois 1 of 11 children.

Was an above average student, That never had the opportunity to further that past high school.

Was a stand out cross country runner in high school and a talented baseball player.

Served in our military for 4 years ( still active to this day in The American Legion honoring our soldiers)

Self made senior management with loyalty and hard work with an aerospace company.

Married and started to help raise 3 children.

Was and still is an avid hunter and fisherman ( though now can be challenged at times due to back issues).
He taught me how to hunt and fish and respect other people.
Showed me how to respect the land and other peoples feelings.

Relocated to Southern California in 1971 to better his family's life ( I'm pretty sure he didn't want to leave the country and 100 % of his friends and family for himself).

As a father to me. I can't remember him missing one baseball game from 7 years old until 17.
Not one soccer game from 7 years old until 17.
He used to get up and take me surfing every Saturday and Sunday, even when he didn't understand my passion for it. He was stoked when 2 years later he realized I was capable of riding my bike the 6 miles to and 6 miles back on my own.
He never bawked at taking me to skate parks. Even when he couldn't understand my passion for it. He also couldn't believe someone would pay me to do it.

I got him to start playing golf at the age of 50 so we could do something together. He was hooked even to this day with his wrecked back he loves it and is an active club member.

Took on a 2nd job when he became a single parent to make sure we all had what we needed. Even when that meant less for him. I never once heard him complain.

Even as I got older and got into other activities that he didn't quite get, he was always there.

He has since retired and moved back to the same home that he moved from when he got out of the service. He currently takes care of his older brother who is an double leg amputee. I never here him complain.
Still spends almost every weekend with 2-6 of his still alive siblings. Family values run real deep with them, and it's truly through the good and the bad.

He walked 23 minutes on his treadmill this morning and can't wait to get back outside and walk in the fresh air with allot less snow on the ground.

When I asked how he was going to celebrate his birthday he replied " I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW, TALKING WITH YOU".

I love you dad,

Have a great day.




  1. I want to give your dad such a big HUG. He sounds like truly a wonderful man and father. The way all Fathers should be.Please tell him I said Happy Birthday.

    And I will never forget you :) Just been flat chat it's crazy.

  2. Great role model for you - happy birthday Mr. A!

  3. Awesome stuff! Happy bday dad!

  4. He sounds like a wonderful man. :) Hope his day is great.

  5. Great tribute, I hope he has a happy birthday

  6. Flat out awesome Craig. Just awesome. Happy Birthday Dad.

  7. Very cool - sounds like your Dad is a great guy! Hope his birthday is nice.

  8. Completely awesome, happy (belated) b-day to your dad, he looks fantastic!! :)