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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swimming really ??

Oh swim stroke why do you forsake me ?

Well I did it. Swam for the first time 1 day short of three weeks. UGGH, how does it go away so fast ?

100 meter warm up felt like a work out.

1 st set of 250 meters felt like someone was extracting air out of my lungs every third stroke.

2nd and 3rd set of 250 meters felt like I was on a mushroom trip ( not that I would know anything about that) I'm just saying. Well maybe a little bit a couple decades ago.

4th set of 250 meters was like: swim faster jack ass and I'll make this your last set. SO I DID ! And that set of 10 felt pretty good. I actually had some power and glide going there, I finally remembered to roll and breathe. Your body dummy, not just your head ! Oh yeah, sorry. ( YOU PEOPLE DO REALIZE I'M TALKING TO MYSELF HERE RIGHT ).

Finished with a few cool downs, showered and got out of there. Phew, swimming was fun just a month ago. What happened ?  
This really shows me that I must stay active to some degree in every discipline or pay too huge of a price to re engage. I didn't like that feeling, and I will try not to repeat it. Even if it's 1 solid swim work out a week until it's time to get Tri serious.

Alright enough ranting. Who here has backed down off of things over the last month (OR SO) shame on you. And is now feeling the ill effects of recommitting ?

Wow is November really over ?

That's crazy talk right there. Time flys, especially when your constantly checking splits and distances. Ha just a wee bit of multi -sport humor for the day.
O.k. back to reality, I ramble when Ive had too much coffee.
Holly cow, I blew of my tempo run this morning and opted for a lunch swim. (YES I SAID SWIM),I know it's hard to believe but I'm all in today (sort of speak). It's been nothing but run,bike since 11/10/10 and I need to break that cycle.
I did run 3.4 miles last night as a recovery run, it was chilly and beautiful out. There was a bunch of really bad drivers on the road and I want to know how some of these people pass there test.
My legs felt like I had a slab of lead coating both quads and my calves were made with plaster of paris. But that all wore off after running 3.3 miles so yeah it was awesome ???
run = 3.4 miles in 30:27 for 8.9 pace as good as I could have asked for and way better than I felt I was going. I was really just trying top stay steady and work through the tightness. It felt as if the blood would just never move out and flow through my quads. The wind ride sent by heaven definitely took a little toll.
I will do the 4 mile tempo Wednesday a.m. fo sho.
After an e-mail from Kovas this a.m. and him commenting on "normal" doesn't jibe with his image of me :-)
I thought I would post up average JO me, trying to finish up yet another financially challenged month.

I am normal (kind of)

November total swim- 3750 meters (uh o)

November total bike - 150 miles ( better,but um not so much)

November total run - 58.2 miles (still not great,but best so far)

o.k. so it's back off to do this thing !
Hope everyone is healthy and alive today, lets make it happen people.


Monday, November 29, 2010

The long and winding road, and windy

Wait windy isn't part of that song is it ?

Friday and Saturday proved to be non training days, PERIOD !
That wasn't totally planned out that way, but that's why I always say In my life, "you never know".
Don't get me wrong if it is closer to a race schedule, I will be extra creative and some way make it happen. That being said, I may do a 10k in a couple of weeks. Other than that HB 1/2 mary is my main goal, and although I have a number inside my head I want to hit, my main goal on February 6th is to finish strong. My main focus has become running, but cycling is near and dear to my heart, so I try and still put in 75 to 100 miles a week.
This has been made up of 2-3,20-25 mile rides midweek mornings and 1 weekend 30-40 mile ride. I had an offer to do a brick with a local Tri club this Sunday but opted to do my own thing at  and on my own schedule.
This proved to be the best strategy after Saturdays full home work load of putting up several hundred Christmas lights, un packing many,many tote box's full of inside decorations etc..

But I did manage to get cracking Sunday morning for a decent ride.To look at the weather it was awesome. Clear, clean and crisp.
I chose to ride in cycling shorts without knickers or leggings due to the fact the I haven't been able to do a ride without those in several weeks now. I figured the sun was out and I was going to let the quads breathe.

Headed south with a couple of ideas in mind. I wanted to hit anywhere from 35-50 miles. My warm up to the coast turn is about 2.5 miles and once I made that turn and headed south I was in heaven. It didn't hit me until about mile 9 that I was in the sweet presence of a strong tailwind. Almost effortless steady pace of 24-26 mph tucked and cranking.
Then it hit me: long ride! I should have went north first and ended my ride with the tail wind. Well I was too far along now. Just be thankful you have the opportunity and physical ability to be doing this and prepare for the future hell to come.
When all that mental craziness settled I figured I would step it up and throw in a nasty hill to boot. So I furthered on down PCH to Newport coast drive climb. This should prove to be a great test, a couple of miles uphill to a grade I really don't know. Patrick from once called it 8%, he could be right, it just seems steeper. That being said with this climb and side gusts up to 20 mph kicking in, it was nothing but pure JOY !!!
I had picked up a couple of riders on the way, and when we stopped at this light I told them I was turning up. They said they wanted nothing to do with that today and wished me luck. Ha, quitters.
Picture from the base. It looks so calm from here. And it it is until you make the curve right, then left, then back right again, all the while clawing you way up the glorious hill with wind blast wanting to launch you into the curb.

Finishing that climb has a couple of rewards. First; your done. Second; it is pretty tough, and it is a true mental and physical accomplishment, throw in the wind and there's extra bonus points. Third; you get a fairly long down hill that easily gets you up past 40 mph. Even into a head wind I reached that speed.

However, once I got through all my back patting and ego massaging I realized that all that fun getting there was now over and It was time to pay the piper.
There is a few miles of pretty wind guarded road to get back to PCH to head north. I used this time to eat a few Chomps and wash it down with about 7 oz. of lemon lime Nuun's to prepare for battle.
Making that initial turn northbound back on to PCH was really a huge wake up to what I had in front of me. And that was going to be for about 20 plus miles, so dig in superstar and get ready for the mind games.
When I say it got ugly, I'm not embellishing. It's the first time I actually thought about stopping and taking a break. And I almost justified that in my mind. But I then thought of what people go through at Kona, and recently AZIM etc..  Don't get me wrong I don't place myself in there category at all, but I'm a very strong willed competitor and have a huge heart when it comes to pushing through. Thinking of them merely helped me push on.
Top speed in aero with max effort at times 12 mph. Sometimes you could catch some guarded areas and get up to 16 mph. Everyone I would bridge up to would only stay due north for a bit and finally turn inland to get out of the direct wind. Needless to say I was still way to far away for that option. I finally got within 4 miles left of PCH to my turn and I made the choice to turn inland. It definitely helped, and although it was slight, it helped keep my mind sane.
I finally weaved my way home, trying to keep my max effort up until the end. When I arrived I had zero food or liquids left. I drank about 10 oz. of water so fast I thought it was all coming back up.
I rested for about 15 minutes, then when back out to my garage to thank my wonderful bike for helping me through the misery.
All in all,  it was in the top 5 toughest rides of my life. I put in 45 miles, included a nasty hill and endured some world class wind.
No morning session today, but I will do a 5 k recovery run tonight. And a 4 mile tempo run Tuesday morning.
I hope your weekends were equally blessed.

Swim,Bike,Run,Rest, Eat and repeat.
Does it get any better :-)  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is an awesome day

First of all I noticed that it gets people out of there normal shell and opens them up to outwardly express there thanks.
I'm actually thankful for that, for those that don't feel comfortable doing it on a regular basis !

Second, I want to wish all of you that ran in races a big congratulations. I hope you all PR'ed.

Thanksgiving day for me started with actually staying in bed until almost 8 A.M. wooo fricken whooo !
That's huge for me.
I hadn't totally decided what my run distance was going to be and I hadn't even discussed it with my wife that I was going.
I knew she would need some help setting things up, as we were the host house. That was fine though,we had pretty much prepared everything the night before and it was all just waiting to be cooked. Well I should clarify in all fairness to her huge efforts, I am no more than the yam and potato peeler/chopper,
get this down, mixx this up guy. But I try and help as much as possible, without irritating the crap out her for being in the way.
That said, we were pretty much ready. Thankfully she got up within a few minutes after I did, and after saying good morning she looked at me and said are you riding or running this morning ?
That took some pressure off because I didn't really know what time the kids where showing up. I replied with, I'm running but it shouldn't be much more than 5 or 6 miles.
secretly I had 10k in my head, as I knew most everyone else would be doing 5k and 10k runs today I didn't want to be left out.
Her reply was, "run as far as you want, we got most all of this handled already. I'm just going to clean up a bit and the kids won't be here until 12:30 or so".
Ooo, a test of mind over matter. 10k would be great, but this should really be a great long run day. So I quickly replied, o.k. thanks, I think I'll try out my new run belt fuel system and do a 10 miler.
She said great, feels cold, dress warm.

So it was set and on. I was plenty hydrated because I really never back down out of daily hydration. The Vegas drive trip is exempt of that statement, due to all the coffee I drank. But I digress, I stay on top of hydration due to ever changing schedules. If I can get a work out in or extend one, I want to be ready.

So I had all kind of first today.
First time wearing my Nathan fuel belt, which worked flawlessly and super fit and functional.
I only ran with the two front bottles though. But fit great and really was non existent. Nathan, your welcome for the little review. I also bought the 4 bottle fuel belt by Helium, but it's going back today. I think this is way better.

First time I ever wore arm warmers on a run. ( loved them also).
I did wear some lite Nike gloves, although it wasn't my first time wearing gloves on a run, it was a first with these. They were toasty and I removed them after about 4 miles. They stashed perfectly in one of the back water bottle slots and never moved !

First long run in my 1/2 size larger Asics Kayano 16's. (way better feel). Right ball of foot got a little hot at mile 8 or so but I think more break in time and they will be money.

It was truly a runners day on the So Cal coast. Only a slight breeze on the way out, which was going to be great for the turn around. Full sunshine with crystal clear view of everything from Dolphins jumping in the water, to perfect waist high waves. And everyone smiling.
I headed out from a parking lot in Sunset beach and made my way south on the run path adjacent to PCH through Bolsa Chica state beach. By the time I hit the rise at the cliffs just entering Huntington beach I started noticing some signage. It turns out they had a 5k and 10k run going on as well as many cities I'm sure.
It must have wrapped away from the run path and through the city a bit, because traffic was not an issue at all. In fact I kept picking up people and pacing with them. If they caught up to me I would up my tempo until I could go any longer. if I ran them down I would hold with them for a few to see If I could help pull them along.It made time go by pretty quick and it was kind of cool knowing that I was likely helping someone pace faster, and vise verse.
I kept having to keep myself in check, reminded myself at most they were in it for 6.2 miles. Whatever pace there running may not help my additional 4 miles that I will have to run.
This was only my 2nd run at 10 + miles, and I was really happy with how I felt about it. Very comfortable with the idea of it, in fact pretty pumped. And very comfortable with the distance. I'm still in shock and awe of how you fast runners lay down 5-6-7 minute miles at these distances.  I did manage to beat my time from 11/6/10 by over 13 minutes. I have a long way to go I know, but I just have to believe in myself and have confidence in my training.

Awesome way to start my day. I felt no guilt in the food that was going to be consumed in a bit of excess. And I got home in time to clean up, set up and relax a bit before everyone got there. 
My legs feel great and I'm one of the fortunate ones that is working all day.
ACTUALLY, I'M FORTUNATE TO GET TO WORK ALL DAY ! Some don't have jobs right now. Just another thing to be thankful for.

Have a great day.  


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That's it ! no more road trips for a bit

As some of you know I recently did the ridiculous 600 mile Orange County to Vegas and back loop.
This is not an out and back loop that is in my normal training plans.
That being said we had a great time with the kids. The weather held up and we made it home safe and sound to fight, err live another day.

Monday night I get a phone call from a person that has been contemplating buying a golf cart I have for sale. That's great, I need to get rid of it and she has the cash. The only problem is I keep it out in Palm Springs.

Oh crap, It's a holiday weekend and I'm not so big on driving some particular freeways out here on regular days, but Holidays ? No thanks.
So I opted to offer to go pick it up if they would commit to come to our house in Huntington beach and grab it.
ANSWER : Sure, sounds great , can you get it by Wednesday ?   UHH, yeah sure I love to drive long miles and crowded freeways, only to get there and turn around to come right back. I'll have it here tomorrow for you.
So off me and my road warrior wife go last night after a couple of quick 10 hour days of work, not leaving out the 1:10 hours on the bike that started before 5:30 a.m.
All to get this little guy.
Palm Springs is not that far, 200 miles max round trip.
 But with our traffic ? Nightmare !
We made our journey though. We got there and back home to unloaded around 11:30.
That was pretty much flying the whole way. This also included spending the ridiculous $7.50 fee for the Fast Track. For those that don't know what this is. It's an ever changing fee they charge to Drive a semi clear lane, for about a 7 mile stretch of road. What a racket !
And I have bought into it.
What an idiot!

Anyways it's all done, it's all good and  I will have it gone by tonight. One less thing I have to worry about.

So for my cyber space friends out there.
Have a great time this Holiday.
But if you are, pretend there are no drafting rules and tuck behind someone.
 Check mile markers as if you are running Marathons, clicking them off every 26.2 (and yes count the .2 it is important).
Or Doing M-DOT bike legs. Just save enough energy for the Marathon to come.
I even snuck in a few hands at the top of the steering wheel and slightly crouched aero position miles. Of course no one knew it, but I did.

Have meals and laughs with your families.
Be thankful you are healthy, and probably healthier this year than last year at this time !
Laugh some more, life is tough as hell, and very short.
Try and be kind to other people on the roads. God only knows where there headed and what life is serving them up. But I bet there not as blessed as you are, all fit and rockin your lycra on a daily basis.
Even if you don't do it out loud, truly give thanks for what you have, and what you will accomplish. IT'S A BIG FRICKIN DEAL !!

I'm thankful for being able to stay home. Not go anywhere.
Have my kids come to our home.
It will be filled with food, laughter, music and sometimes boredom. And I will be thankful for every single minute of it.
These things too are a "BIG FRICKEN DEAL" !

Enjoy people. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Know I'll be thinking about you.

Oh and I almost for got this-
I'm thankful for my sticker,
thanks SUAR-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whole new respect for the midwest/eastcoast athletes

First off, I moved away from Chicago straight to So Cal when I was 7.

That being said I have only been a fan of the cold when I,

A : had a snowboard or set of skis strapped to my feet. OR

B : was in a hot tub after a long day of skis and or a snowboard strapped to my feet.

C : had a set of ice skates laced up.

So I know I keep bringing this up, but it is fricken hard to get out the door at 5:15 A.M. to run, but especially gear up to ride.
I did get to rock my new bike shoes for the first time this morning. They are a full on the fly put em on ,take em off Tri shoe. So they are not necessarily the most insulated shoe I guess. But I threw on some wool socks and they seemed good in the 42 degree crisp, clear air.

Back in the day. I'll call it past life Tri training. I have come to the realization that I was very lazy with my training. I don't really remember blowing off a bunch of work outs, but I'm guessing I probably did.
I know for sure my a.m. work outs were far and few between. And indoor trainer workouts were probably no more than 6-8 a season.

I know it's probably relative to being in my 20's, and at a walking around weight of  175 lb. But we kind of just trained a few days a week all out. Then we may not train for a couple days at all.
 Eat,drink, go kill yourself for a couple of hours, rest and repeat. Winter rolled around and we were all about skiiing, some runs, some rides. 

I also remember being sore alot. And I'm not that way very often now. So age had deffinetly gave me wisdom in training. I also think consistancy has done this too. Even at a much heavier weight now than then ,I believe I could beat all my past race times. I wish I was organized enough back then to have them, but I don't. So everything from August 8th 2010 on is my PR and thresholds to beat.

I give you mid west/east coast guys and gals huge props for your determination to gut it out on trainers.
I give you even more props for your excessively bundled up runs and rides when you venture out.
I can tell you for sure that I believe I'll draw the line if I walk out to my back yard and my temp gauge reads anything under that 40 f. line.
I'll keep you posted on that, when that day comes.

I can see runs in that temp, but rides ? not so much.

A.M. ride this morning in beautiful So Cal coastal conditions for 25 miles. Slight on shore north wind at an average speed of 20.2 mph and a bit cold at times. But I really felt blessed to be out there and capable of doing this.



Monday, November 22, 2010

Tobler Tigers

That was the name of my Grandsons school flag football team. I have to admit, I had forgotten it was a flag league.
It didn't matter, I just like a bit more contact. That being said, we did what we said we would do and made 11 custom shirts until about 11:00 Friday night.

For the record, I did help like I said I would. In fact we had to use a plan "C" for the numbers. I made two 8" tall cardboard number cut outs and then traced 11wto's and 11 fours out of felt, cut them out and fabric glued them to each shirt. This all happened while my wife was ironing on "TYLER" to each back.

Also for the record, I did get a 5 mile run in after work and before this took place. The run was tough and I'm concerned that I really seem to run like crap in the afternoon and evening. Maybe it was just because I was mentally tired as well as physically beat at the end of the week. But I made the decision that night, that I was exchanging my shoes for 1/2 size bigger come Sunday.

Up it was @ 4:00 a.m. the next morning for a 600 mile turn around. My wife thought it would be just great if we painted the windows of my truck for team support. Not no
normally a big fan of this, but since she had gone this far,why stop now.

 We got there in great time with 3 coffee's for me :-) and then a Rock star recoveries when I hit there house. Hung at the house for roughly 20 minutes, then woosh we where off to the game. And we all had the shirts on for him. 

But I thought this to be the most important picture to take of them. Grandson, Grandma, and dad or in my eyes, grandson, wife, and oldest son.

It was a close game that went into overtime and was lost with a tipped ball that we missed for an interception in there in zone, which fell right into the other teams hands. Single elimination and we where 1 and done. :-( they all took it well and we headed back to there house for a late lunch early dinner that my wife had prepared and we brought it with us.

 So all in all it was a great trip. No drama on the drive. The weather held up perfect going out and coming back, I really expected snow on the way home.
Dropped my son and his girlfriend off and got home about 11:30 p.m. Watched t.v for about 6.8 seconds until I fell asleep.
Then it was up again at 7:30 a.m. to meet my wife's friend and family for a birthday brunch at the House Of Blues in Downtown Disney.
That lasted until 12:30 and we gave hugs, kisses and goodbye's then headed immediately home for some much needed sleep.
But wait! I still had to head out and exchange my shoes. My wife opted out and stayed behind. I opted to haul butt with all my renewed energy. The plan was to get there  ,find the shoes, try them on and head back home for a quick rest then get up and run.
Everything went great at the store. I got back home and switched in the speed laces and hit the bed for a nap.
I didn't wake back up until 7:00 p.m. and when I did I was toast. Zero energy and foggy headed. I ate a sandwich and went back to bed.
Sorry Patrick, I didn't even text you. I believed that you had figured it out already that I was a no show.

I did set my alarm and got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning and got in just under 5 miles with my new sized, way more comfortable fitting Kayanos. It's amazing what a 1/2 size can do in a running shoe.

So there it is in a nut shell. I need to check race  reviews of a few and see what happened.

Peace, OUT !!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit it all in !!

So it's Friday ! Yah.

No meeting today, that's like a bonus in itself.
I'm heading to meet my wife for lunch in a few and I'm super hungry.
I chose to move my A.M. run today to an evening run. And the weather would have been perfect this morning. But since I had to drive my son to school this morning ,which is about 20 minutes away, I chose to reset the alarm for 5:45 and catch a few more winks.
It's all good because I brought my I pod to work with me and I'm going to load some fresh music in it and that will make tonight's run just that much more fun.

As I said before I'm off on a road trip before daybreak tomorrow to see these knuckle heads

Hard to complain about that, but you have to admit that's a road warrior drive.

I also found out last night that Sunday brunch is kind of a formal/casual thing at the House Of  Blues and we are requested to be there @ 9:30. There goes the early run.
Sorry Patrick, unless you want to run in the afternoon.
Which will now be my adjusted time. Otherwise be safe homie.

 I was also just informed by my wife ( kindly she asked), If I would help here either fabric paint or iron on (if she can find those reasonable) my grandsons last name and number on 11 matching shirts :-o. This way we can all wear them and support him on the sidelines.
What is she crazy ??
Of course I said yes. I mean I'm not at all exited about that little twist in the plans, but I love her, and that's the kind of things she does.
SHES MY LITTLE LUCY RICARDO (sometimes you can see the little peppermint wheels in her head just spinning and spinning ).

It's all good. I just made it clear I was running 1st right ?
answer : oh sure. ( I know she was thinking, hell were going to be up all night doing these anyways).

O.k. so this is what I mean by

happily married with kids and drama and everything else, but hey life happens.

Have a good one all here, there and everywhere.   

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday ramblings

Got out the door on time this morning, well before 5:30 a.m. anyways for my A.m. ride. It was a  fairly fast pace 20+ miles in coastal fog as thick as it gets.

A couple thing about riding in the fog that I had forgotten.

A. It can be scary, because people that are already ignorant to runners and cyclist get extra stupid points in this weather.
B. You better ride a familiar loop or run a high percentage chance that you will mow over some road kill, or cross paths with some of California's finest pot holes (repaired), I think these are repaired.
C. when you ride into fog it almost feels like your always 30 yards away from a drop off, which is kind of cool because it always gives you the sensation of pushing just a little harder.
D. No matter how much, or how little clothes you are wearing, there soaked.
E. Doesn't matter what you are wearing, no one can see you anyways. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve cycling jersey with my new and very cool dry max jacket. Old fricken leg warmers pulled up to my thighs with cycling shorts over the top holding them up. (these are now retired as of today). The good news is I have leaned out enough that they won't stay up, causing them to continue to try and  fall down. And the shorts are now on the biggish side in the lower section of the thigh, so the elastic band is little to no help in holding them up.
 The bad new is I need to buy more gear that I really can't afford.

It was a great ride. I felt strong the whole way, but I don't like that my bike volume seems to be decreasing, due to weekend rides having to take a bit of a back seat.

That being said, my run volume has increased and I think this is a good thing. I aspire one day to be considered a runner.

I turned 45 years old this month, and guarantee I don't feel like most 45 year old males. I wont speak for the women.

I have to, wait, ( get to ) drive to Las Vegas this Saturday morning at like 4:00 a.m. to make it in time to see my grandson play in his flag football play offs .( he's 9)
And yes you heard it right I'm a grandfather ! Actually of two, a 7 year old grand daughter and the 9 year old grand son. There awesome, and I'm quite proud of them now.

I'll admit that used to freak me out, (allot). But 10 + years has passed now, and its kind of cool being the semi-young grandpa still surfing, skateboarding, swim, bike, run etc.. with them.

Oh I forgot to mention, I am driving back Saturday afternoon and hoping to be home by midnight. Only to wake up at the crack of dawn on Sunday for a longish 7-8 mile run.
Then off to my wife's best friends birthday brunch at 11:00.
 This is the reason for the 600 mile turn around trip.

The weather has been awesome, but  now there calling for rain soon.

I signed up for my first ever 1/2 marathon ( I would have never believed this could ever happen 5 months ago).

Work has picked up a little and we are showing signs of progress.

Life is short, enjoy it while you can and do random acts of kindness every day just to show other people it's possible.  

SWIM, BIKE, RUN - refuel,sleep, repeat !!

I like it like this. I hope I get to stay on this track for a good long while.



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

O.k so it's done

Got the approval from my company that they will hook me up for the HB  Marathon and 1/2 Marathon.

I'm glad first of all that they stepped up, second that I'm going to get some free quality running gear out of it, and third that they are footing the bill. That's solid. And couldn't have come at a better time for me.

Pretty much a win ,win. Although I am no fast show case runner, in fact I'm shooting for finish first with no injury, and then I would be happy with 2:00 to 2:10 time.
If I go faster, great. If i go slower, damn. Either way it's relatively inexpensive investment for them. I also think it could send out some positive vibes in the community. I honestly would be more prone to do business with someone that I knew supported what I loved as a sport. But that's just me.

So It's ON and I'm IN and signed up for my first 1/2 marathon ever and I'm stoked.

Just need to work out this silk screening issue. Patrick is trying to lend his support. The guy is solid and you likely have found my blog through him. But if you didn't, check it out the guy is an awesome writer and super informed in allot of areas.

Suppose to be an off day. And I think I'll head down to check out the new run gear at lunch. I still may put in 5-6 run miles tonight though, depending on my wife's plans. I'm not sore, fatigued or drained at all so I feel I should get to it while the getting  is good.

On another note, I have definitely decided the QR stays. In fact I bought her some new bar tape, received my new Lake CX211 TRI shoes last night via mail. I'm thinking of putting a longer stem on it @ 110, and maybe even looking for an inexpensive pair of  used race wheels. When the road bike comes I'll know it.
Good things have been popping up allot lately even in the midst of bad. Maybe it's just a better out look I have these days ?
Whatever it is I'll take it. It's been awhile !

Will see if Kovas made it back in town and if he got any foreign miles in. The "TRAIL GURU" is always dropping knowledge. And yes I now listen 100 %, not 1/2.

Also hit this blog up and swoop in on a free sticker. My goal is to make her have to print more.There cool and she's FRICKEN HILARIOUS. Wanna laugh at someone else's craziness? here it is ; and she's a helluva an athlete.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I almost forgot the Asics Kayano 16 update

Because I got jacked out my lunch swim yesterday (bastards). I wasn't in a position to blow off a whole work out day, so It gave me an opportunity to lace those new kicks up and give them some more road time.
I will say first of all, I didn't lace them as tight as the first run.
This appeared to be a good thing and they actually felt way more flexible on this run.

a. I like the offset lace system, not only do I think it looks cool, it appears to be functional for my stride.
b. I'm definitely a mid striker and they have good support and cushion for a 205 lb runner.
c. there actually pretty lite.

I only ran 3.4 miles @ 8.68 mpm and the only thing I noticed that was not settled or that I am comfortable with is the balls of my feat were a little hot. So maybe it was because of the loose lacing and the toe box starting to stretch and form better.

I think I'm much closer to keeping and getting them in a solid rotation with the Gel Nimbus

The oddest things

I have been an avid surfer since I begged my mom to buy me my first used surfboard for $ 5.00 on November 8th 1975. I say this because there are a few athletes that come along in all sports that are just unreal at what they do. One of which passed away a couple of weeks ago now, but I only just saw a small local memorial this morning on my ride.
I won't go in depth about his life, but I will say that he was very successful. And unfortunately up until just this year, very unhappy.
It proved to me no matter how high we rise, or how far we have to fall, in the end it really comes down to smile more, laugh as much as possible, take things serious but keep it in perspective.
 Tell people you love that you love them ( and do it often).
Spend time with friends, and make new ones ( I have trouble with this one, not because I don't want to, I'm just a bit of a loaner).
Try different things, and don't be afraid to like, or dislike them.

Understand, life can go on a long time, or can end in a blink.

this is probably way off topic, but it hit me hard enough to stop, take a breathe and look around this morning.

RIP Andy Irons- I'm glad you changed your outlook on life before you passed.

God speed.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Attention members : pool is temporarily closed.

I hate the f&@$*ng  sign . It really changes my momentum, especially when I load my gym bag that morning and or the night before. This has happened now 3 times, and I'm so stupid that I just can seem to get it stuck in my head to prepare for an option in case this happens.
To swim at my gym pool between 12:00 and 2:00 is not drama like  I know some peoples pools are.
That being said when I only throw a towel and a pair of jammers or tri shorts in my gym bag, that presents some self drama.

At least if I do have a shirt and shoes  I could go do something else. But knooooooooooooooooow , I ONCE AGAIN screwed myself.
And so it's on, run number 2 on the new Kayanos. Which is probably not a bad thing since Ive done everything but register for the HB 1/2 marathon coming this Feb 6th. And the only hold up there is I'm trying to eek out a registration from my work.
Which brings up a question: any good sites to order a custom race shirt; my pitched plan is to have it logo'd up with my company info, run in it as a human bill board and have them foot the bill for the race and kit.
Anyway's this months swim time is already taking a hit and I'm not happy.   

Well that was fast

What a quick weekend. It seemed to go by faster than a T2, but that's life.
No real work out Friday or Saturday. I wanted to take my son on a bike ride to the wetlands but he was all congested. So I opted to do a list of things around the house and let him rest. The good news is , my dogs don't stink and the yards look fantastic. The bad news, well screw there is no bad news, just good !!!

Had dinner with family and that was great. I feel like the god father here

Biological son to my right, and my two step sons to my left. Beautiful wife, and the boys girlfriends.
Yes we had Mexican food, why because in California you get kick azz Mexican food that's why :-).

I got my new Asics Kayanos 16 and got in a 6 mile run early yesterday. They were pretty comfortable, but I was not blown away. I'm going to put a few good runs on them and If I don't change my mind, there going back. I'm not spending good money and not going to be happy. Especially with running shoes that will have 20-30 miles a week put on them.
Funny thing is I read all kinds of great reviews prior to lacing them up. Yesterday I found all kinds of people on the fence and unhappy with the 16 and going back to the 15's ?? WTF, I thought I was pretty thorough.

I think I have come to the conclusion also that I am going to sell my Tri only bike and by a higher end road bike and try and make dual use of it.
I can't afford both it seems. I have tried to justify buying a lesser equipped road bike and having both, but really if I sell my Quintana Roo and pool in some cash Ive gathered, I can get a pretty kick butt roadie and just use clip ons.

Any thoughts on this from you yahoo's before I pull the trigger fo sho ?

I got a really great Craigslist deal on this bike when I bought it. I mean for an 07 aluminum with carbon fiber seat post and forks, all durace and ultegra components and it is literally scratch free. I bought this as it sits less the front and rear lights for my before daybreak rides and a cyclometer for $ 500.00.
I think that is a rockin deal, and I'm almost talking myself out of this again as I write this.
I really like this bike.
I just want to take part in regular road group rides.

O.k. now I'm asking for advice.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Make life fun !!!

Ive been on a long run of trials and tribulations over the past 3 years. From job changes, to real estate disasters, income splintered and diced etc..
We (my wife and I) have done a decent job of restructuring our lives. Letting go voluntarily and not, of things that in the end were not that important.
This is a bit of a rant because we have pulled our boot straps up continuously and made the best of it. I know there are many people out there and maybe even on here that have gone through, and or that are going through similar challenges.
I'm believing that ours is coming to a head very quickly here. And although we may never get back to where we were, I believe we are better, stronger, and certainly more appreciative of what we do have.
The one thing that I have seen lacking, is fun. And I'm am on a quest to try and bring F-U-N back into our lives on a regular basis. Life is short in reality, and if we let ourselves dwell on past mistakes or circumstances out of our control, it will pass you by.
Don't go through every day bitter and unhappy. Wake up and do something good for yourself, and try and include the ones you love. Even though you may be the one that has to shoulder the majority of that responsibility. It the end it will be worth it. You grow, they grow.

I could mention plenty of blogs that I view, that appear to do this in there life. You have been inspiring in the short time that Ive landed here.
I hope to continue to learn from you all.

No work out today.

Thursday was a decent pace 4.6 miles at 9:36, not blistering by any means but up beat and efficient.

Will be doing a bike ride with my son in the wetlands Saturday a.m. and having the older boy's and there girlfriends over for dinner and belated birthday cake.
I will hopefully be taking a run with my new shoes by Sunday, and trying on a new pair of Tri cycling shoes that I ordered via birthday present from my pops.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to all veterans that have, are and will serve.

I am forever greatful for the freedom that you bestow on us. With your tireless efforts, and seemingly endless journey to try an uphold a higher standard.

If not for you, we would likely be in a much different place in our lives.

For us that think we have it hard, think of the millions upon millions that go hungry daily.
Those of us that like to worship openly or in private, think about being killed for your faith.

If you have a roof over your head, some money in your pocket, and food in your stomach your are rich beyond belief compared to the world.

I for one take our lives and freedom too often for granted.
Getting wrapped up in finances, business and every day life. Sadly and fortunately I have a father who at the age of 78 is still active in the American Legion honor guards. And spends no less than 2 days a week in full dress uniform, honoring and burying past and current fallen soldiers. I'm very proud of my fathers patriotism.

And I especially salute him.

This was taken a couple months ago when I visited him. His name with 5 of his brothers (my uncles) are engraved on those bricks.

Love you dad !! think about you every day. LET FREEDOM RING !!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Had a purple patch

Just for the day though, and yes I ripped that term from an article I read in Triathlete. So if I need to give credit ? I'll have to research that and give credit later.

My ride was awesome this a.m. and my lunch swim was effortless. Granted it wasn't very long but I turned my 4x200's into 4x 375's on the fly and never felt winded. I did change my pauses from 10 seconds to 20, but I thought it was worth it. Add on some warm up and cool down laps and that was a solid lunch.
Now for some food.  

Train,Train, Train

Huh, well I was again at some factory training yesterday. This was actually pretty cool though. Brand new facility built and we got to demo drive the new 100 % Electric and ECO friendly Nissan Leaf. Or as I call it around my store, "LANCE ARMSTRONG'S 2010 LE TOUR DE FRANCE SUPPORT CAR"

It truly is 100 % electric. Literally no tail pipe, because there is literally no engine !! The thing was comfortable, and hauled azz. When they launch the technology for further travel distance than 100 miles, and it's already there, it will be even that more awesome.
This is no commercial, for those of you have heard me say before that I really don't care what anyone drives. But this really is cool for our planets future, and I'm pretty stoked to have witnessed the launch of what is to come.
Anyways this is where I was, and what I got to drive.
Nissan training that is,I know the pictures don't do it much justice, as to vehicle we are used to. But the designs have a huge impact on wind resistance and distance capabilities. Electric vehicle are here to stay for the long haul and this is just the beginning.

On the latter half of the day, I only worked until 4. Went home, meet my wife and she had arranged full massages for us at 5:00, oh my body needed that. From there we went to over eat ( well I did), plates and plates of sushi !!
Oh sushi how I love thee !!

Woke up this morning at  five-freezing- O clock and went for a nice crispy 23 miler on the bike. My legs haven't felt that good in forever, and that is usually not how I feel the morning after a massage. But it was awesome.  Bundled up and ready to make a turn to do the final 10 miles.
This picture also tells me I need not take any more pictures of myself. I don't care how much weight I'm loosing and have lost, I still look huge in pictures. And I'm as lean now as I have been in 6, almost 7 years.
I am not very fricken photogenic ! But I assure you, I'm working my azz off to get there.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiatus ? not really, just life interupted.

I actually feel this blog to be part of my life at times. Be it a small part, still a part.
It keeps me in touch with people that are like minded in a world where most people just don't dare to go.
Were ordinary people doing extraordinary thing, almost daily. And most people don't really get it, and some don't really thinks it important.
I disagree to every extent. Even when I had settled in to that couch potato routine, completely removed from the type of training that I have now resumed in my life.
 I still knew what the benefits of the sacrifices where. But it's easy to lie to yourself and say "I'll start doing something tomorrow". The problem is the same life is there the next day, until you decide to change the way it looks. And first we need to change are habitual routines to move forward in a positive direction.

With all that said, my schedule got tossed way out of wack last week. To the point were I had made a commitment to train with Patrick from and had to cancel out. Things happen, but I don't take outside commitments lightly. I believe we are all time crunched for our training and although it may not have effected him like it did me, it made me just that much more committed to getting that work out done. Weather he was there or not I made that commitment with him  and I was going to follow through on it.
The deal was we would meet Saturday at one point on the coast and go drop a vehicle off 10 miles away. Drive back to the start point and run to get that vehicle. Great plan, no turning back, once your out there, your out there.
I had the alternative plan, drive to the same spot, park and run 5 miles out and turn around. Not as adventurous sounding, but still effective. This would be my longest run to date. I thought I was achieving this last weekend, but after re mapping it out I found i was short.
This particular route there is no way to come up short.
And although the distance was not that much further, I paid a heftier price. I really had to keep it together to get that last mile out. My goal was to do all 10 miles with only a quick stop at the 5 mile mark to refill water. I stayed true to that and literally only took the time to run in and relieve myself , fill my water bottle and push back out. I ate a couple of gels and found that is not enough fuel for me past 7 miles. So I learned something new about myself to.
Total run 10.5 miles in 1:56:57. Pretty damn slow I know, but I am still quite proud knowing the distance I just traveled with such a short time back from couch potato hell !!

SO, for you Patrick, I say sorry about the work out change. On the other hand you kept me honest and inspired me to go where I had not yet gone.!! Thanks brother.

Side note: my legs felt pretty good, stomach was good considering, but my feet were on fire.
My birthday is tomorrow, and my wife is buying me whatever shoes I want :-) ,she too was quite proud of her little ex- potato.
 But she didn't have much sympathy on my feet, she figures If you choose to run 10 miles, you choose to have your feet hurt. (clearly not a runner).

On the road yesterday-
Ran 3.4 mile this morning in 30:37 @ 8.93 mpm. I didnt really feel pushed or slogging, just ran

pool swim at lunch 1250 meters.


Friday, November 5, 2010

life unexpected

have been holed up in a conference room all day yesterday, and then learning that I am going to do it all over again today, I know how people get stir crazy in building offices. I'm fortunate to be able to pop in and out of my office all day long. And I find that the more fit I become once again, the less I want to be in that office. That being said, being in a room full of colleagues in my industry for 8 to 14 hours looks like it will have it's health benefits.
Fortunately I got my butt out of bed yesterday before heading out to my 4 walled day and got a good fast 3.4 mile run. I didn't find out until a mile in to my run that I had hit the wrong button on my watch and it wasn't timing the run. Ugh ! but screw it, it just felt great to be running.
The health benefits are going to come from sitting in a room where 90 % of the room is 15 to 150 pounds over weight. They look exhausted and unhealthy. I feel like a pillar of health in there and had multiple comments about weight loss and also a couple of jabs asking If i had ran to get there. I live two doors down from a counterpart in my business and he has seen me go from your average potato to my now current work in progress. Hopefully it will take hold of some and rejuvenate them. If not, at least I know my lifestyle and outlet awaits beyond those walls. It's amazing what can be accomplished in a short period of time. I'm 3 month back and have a long way to go, but I cant get over what hard training and discipline has done in a relatively short time.
My industry has changed drastically over the past 6 years and can be unstable as we speak, but I'm in a real good position to be able to keep pushing my training and while I'm afforded this schedule, I'm going to continue to do just that. 
Have a great day and enjoy your lives right now and what your are accomplishing.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's not all fun and games

I had been pretty fortunate to string together some good consistent work outs in a row.
Not so much this morning.

I did hit the pool yesterday at lunch as scheduled. I got in 1250 meters, which isn't a ton a water time but it was just about all the time I had to give it. I'm glad I got there though, my swim time has been way off this past month and it kind of got away from me. So I'm hoping to get some extra days in there this month. I'm even going to try and get in a couple open water swims. Warm ups 1x100 to  4x250 with 10 second recovery to 2 x 100 cool down. O.k. that's 1300 meters, whatever. It felt good, my breathing and heart rate sustained and I was able top pull 6 strokes for many of those laps.

However this mornings ride which was a scheduled 25 miles was not smooth or cheery. It seemed forever to get my legs warm and functioning, and even when they did they felt heavy. We are right at the beginning of off shore breeze season, which is awesome if I'm grabbing my board and going surfing, but sucks on the bike. It's cross wind out , cross wind back.
It's not even fierce yet, it was mild and It still F'd with me.
That being said I made it down to Newport Beach in time for sunrise at that is a glorious thing about the coast. I love sunrises and sunsets on the coast. My wife and I have literally an entire 100 picture photo album dedicated to them.
I dreaded the turn around, knowing it would be much of the same on the way back. At one time I saw 16 mph on my speedo on flat ground ?? WTF ???
That kind of cracked me there with probably 8-9 miles left to get home. Finally I just through it in a neutral feeling gear and put my head down. I peddled as smooth as I could get it ,without breaking stride. I was able to hold that form for about 5 miles to the point of semi blurred, cross eyed vision. Sure enough it got me back to my turn out point and and a short 4 miles to home.
That sucks, and know every day cant be rainbows and pixie's (I don't know where that came from) but I was a bit discouraged and need to figure out if that was a fuel issue ? poor recovery ? ( I felt great yesterday) or just a mental break ?
I know it maybe hard for outside input on this, but If you got something, I'm open to listen.

ZOOPORT BEACH 7:10 A.M.           

Monday, November 1, 2010

The minds a wicked tool

Rested great yesterday, ate well and got to bed by 9:30 on a Saturday night. Damn this just sounds like I'm old ! Well I am, but that's besides the point stay focused here people.
I was preparing for no less than a 7 mile run and had dreams of a plus 10. The 10 miler would be my longest run (ever).
I have mapped out a cool run loop that takes me out of my housing track and down to the backside entrance of the wetlands at Bolsa Chica state beach. Patrick over at knows this area well.I do too except Ive never run there.
I on the other hand have talked a lot about it and have done nothing more than bike rides with my son over there, (he likes checking out all the birds and big fish at the bridges).

Anyways I picked this loop for a few reasons, mostly because once I'm out there it limits my back out decisions. I either have to turn around and go back the way I came in. Go straight forward and hit PCH and cut it shorter. Or the master plan turn left and head south on the levy and make it a full on runners run.

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. and really wanted to sleep until 8:00 but couldn't. I was already psyching myself out that I would fail.
But that didn't last long. I got up and started quick work of preparation, Bottle,music, shorts, shoes and for Gods sake BODY GLIDE application. I am anti bloody nipples, or anything else for that matter.

Found the genre I wanted, hit the stop watch function and pushed out. It's maybe a mile or so to the wetlands from my house, I made my way there in an 8:37 mile. I was feeling confident and good.
 Then the off roading starts. This was one of the other reasons Ive wanted to do this loop,it's several miles of flat but trail running and all the cool kids I know here do it, especially the "trail guru" . If I'm ever going to win a shirt from one of these guy's I have to up my game, so I go on.

This trail is very cool It's a levy that splits right up the middle of a bird and wild life wetlands sanctuary, I have never looked around so much while running in my life.

Then I came to my fork where I can go straight and still come home with a decent run or hold true to my mind and what I have been wanting to accomplish and go left.
I chose left. I felt great and this is what we do to be who we are and who we will evolve into. The cool thing is once you get through this estuary you funnel out to PCH. I chose to hop the hi way and run the semi active boardwalk. This has great views of the waves, and you can people watch for about 1.5 miles or so etc..
My plan was to stop at the end of this, fill my water bottle again if necc and drop 3 SHOT BLOCKS for the 4.5 mile route I had planned home.
 To my surprise there was a running club set up right there doing some distance runs preparing for the upcoming HB 1/2 and FULL Marathon. They were all friendly and let me fill up and wished me well on my finish. I was there a total of about 2 minutes and was off and going again. I was kind of wondering how my legs would feel to stop and start, but they felt great. So conditioning of longer runs is starting to shows signs.

There is a longish, gradual climb just after crossing back over the hi way and I was really wondering with anticipation how I would feel on this? This also proved to be fine and I did this with no extra effort, just kept smooth and pushed the pace.
I have to admit I was clock watching and was really trying to prove to myself that I could do this at more of run pace versus just putting down the miles at a 10 + mpm pace.
So I really tried to stay focused on keeping my heart rate up and pushing without having to do little surges to make of time. I think all in all this worked best for me.
My run was just at 9 miles and I ran it in 1:17:58.
Even though I didn't hit 10 miles, I still ran at a 8.62 mpm pace and that is by far the best run I have done this year.
I don't know how I came up short on my calculation but easily had a couple miles left in me. I also know exactly where I can change this run and make it 3 or 4 miles longer. This I will do hopefully this next weekend.
My recovery when finished was very quick, and I really had very little soreness. I walked the neighbor hood with my son last night for a couple of miles and I feel pretty fresh.
I am doing 1250 meters in the pool today at lunch. It will be good to swim again, it's been almost 2 weeks.