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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday ramblings

Got out the door on time this morning, well before 5:30 a.m. anyways for my A.m. ride. It was a  fairly fast pace 20+ miles in coastal fog as thick as it gets.

A couple thing about riding in the fog that I had forgotten.

A. It can be scary, because people that are already ignorant to runners and cyclist get extra stupid points in this weather.
B. You better ride a familiar loop or run a high percentage chance that you will mow over some road kill, or cross paths with some of California's finest pot holes (repaired), I think these are repaired.
C. when you ride into fog it almost feels like your always 30 yards away from a drop off, which is kind of cool because it always gives you the sensation of pushing just a little harder.
D. No matter how much, or how little clothes you are wearing, there soaked.
E. Doesn't matter what you are wearing, no one can see you anyways. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve cycling jersey with my new and very cool dry max jacket. Old fricken leg warmers pulled up to my thighs with cycling shorts over the top holding them up. (these are now retired as of today). The good news is I have leaned out enough that they won't stay up, causing them to continue to try and  fall down. And the shorts are now on the biggish side in the lower section of the thigh, so the elastic band is little to no help in holding them up.
 The bad new is I need to buy more gear that I really can't afford.

It was a great ride. I felt strong the whole way, but I don't like that my bike volume seems to be decreasing, due to weekend rides having to take a bit of a back seat.

That being said, my run volume has increased and I think this is a good thing. I aspire one day to be considered a runner.

I turned 45 years old this month, and guarantee I don't feel like most 45 year old males. I wont speak for the women.

I have to, wait, ( get to ) drive to Las Vegas this Saturday morning at like 4:00 a.m. to make it in time to see my grandson play in his flag football play offs .( he's 9)
And yes you heard it right I'm a grandfather ! Actually of two, a 7 year old grand daughter and the 9 year old grand son. There awesome, and I'm quite proud of them now.

I'll admit that used to freak me out, (allot). But 10 + years has passed now, and its kind of cool being the semi-young grandpa still surfing, skateboarding, swim, bike, run etc.. with them.

Oh I forgot to mention, I am driving back Saturday afternoon and hoping to be home by midnight. Only to wake up at the crack of dawn on Sunday for a longish 7-8 mile run.
Then off to my wife's best friends birthday brunch at 11:00.
 This is the reason for the 600 mile turn around trip.

The weather has been awesome, but  now there calling for rain soon.

I signed up for my first ever 1/2 marathon ( I would have never believed this could ever happen 5 months ago).

Work has picked up a little and we are showing signs of progress.

Life is short, enjoy it while you can and do random acts of kindness every day just to show other people it's possible.  

SWIM, BIKE, RUN - refuel,sleep, repeat !!

I like it like this. I hope I get to stay on this track for a good long while.




  1. Fog is cool. Enjoy the drive to Vegas, Gramps!

  2. I was probably going to flip my ride run this weekend, maybe I run Sunday morning with you?

  3. Fog is cool, in many ways. I make that Vegas drive too much to enjoy it.

    Patrick that would be cool. But you know I have no choice, especially this weekend, but to get up real early. 7:00 will probably be the latest I can go. But im in, if you are. Let me know. We could meet at the Graham side of wetlands, run through there and over to the board walk, then back up warner to Graham. Or whatever, because that only sounds like 6 or so miles. Let me know.

  4. Fog always has the illusion that you're going crazy fast - I love it!

    Good luck on the drive, that doesn't sound like fun - but it does sound worthwhile!

  5. I never bike or ran in the fog but it would like to try this "experience". Good luck on the half.

  6. That you can still RIDE this month and next and over the winter is way to awesome
    Happy Bday gramps!