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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving is an awesome day

First of all I noticed that it gets people out of there normal shell and opens them up to outwardly express there thanks.
I'm actually thankful for that, for those that don't feel comfortable doing it on a regular basis !

Second, I want to wish all of you that ran in races a big congratulations. I hope you all PR'ed.

Thanksgiving day for me started with actually staying in bed until almost 8 A.M. wooo fricken whooo !
That's huge for me.
I hadn't totally decided what my run distance was going to be and I hadn't even discussed it with my wife that I was going.
I knew she would need some help setting things up, as we were the host house. That was fine though,we had pretty much prepared everything the night before and it was all just waiting to be cooked. Well I should clarify in all fairness to her huge efforts, I am no more than the yam and potato peeler/chopper,
get this down, mixx this up guy. But I try and help as much as possible, without irritating the crap out her for being in the way.
That said, we were pretty much ready. Thankfully she got up within a few minutes after I did, and after saying good morning she looked at me and said are you riding or running this morning ?
That took some pressure off because I didn't really know what time the kids where showing up. I replied with, I'm running but it shouldn't be much more than 5 or 6 miles.
secretly I had 10k in my head, as I knew most everyone else would be doing 5k and 10k runs today I didn't want to be left out.
Her reply was, "run as far as you want, we got most all of this handled already. I'm just going to clean up a bit and the kids won't be here until 12:30 or so".
Ooo, a test of mind over matter. 10k would be great, but this should really be a great long run day. So I quickly replied, o.k. thanks, I think I'll try out my new run belt fuel system and do a 10 miler.
She said great, feels cold, dress warm.

So it was set and on. I was plenty hydrated because I really never back down out of daily hydration. The Vegas drive trip is exempt of that statement, due to all the coffee I drank. But I digress, I stay on top of hydration due to ever changing schedules. If I can get a work out in or extend one, I want to be ready.

So I had all kind of first today.
First time wearing my Nathan fuel belt, which worked flawlessly and super fit and functional.
I only ran with the two front bottles though. But fit great and really was non existent. Nathan, your welcome for the little review. I also bought the 4 bottle fuel belt by Helium, but it's going back today. I think this is way better.

First time I ever wore arm warmers on a run. ( loved them also).
I did wear some lite Nike gloves, although it wasn't my first time wearing gloves on a run, it was a first with these. They were toasty and I removed them after about 4 miles. They stashed perfectly in one of the back water bottle slots and never moved !

First long run in my 1/2 size larger Asics Kayano 16's. (way better feel). Right ball of foot got a little hot at mile 8 or so but I think more break in time and they will be money.

It was truly a runners day on the So Cal coast. Only a slight breeze on the way out, which was going to be great for the turn around. Full sunshine with crystal clear view of everything from Dolphins jumping in the water, to perfect waist high waves. And everyone smiling.
I headed out from a parking lot in Sunset beach and made my way south on the run path adjacent to PCH through Bolsa Chica state beach. By the time I hit the rise at the cliffs just entering Huntington beach I started noticing some signage. It turns out they had a 5k and 10k run going on as well as many cities I'm sure.
It must have wrapped away from the run path and through the city a bit, because traffic was not an issue at all. In fact I kept picking up people and pacing with them. If they caught up to me I would up my tempo until I could go any longer. if I ran them down I would hold with them for a few to see If I could help pull them along.It made time go by pretty quick and it was kind of cool knowing that I was likely helping someone pace faster, and vise verse.
I kept having to keep myself in check, reminded myself at most they were in it for 6.2 miles. Whatever pace there running may not help my additional 4 miles that I will have to run.
This was only my 2nd run at 10 + miles, and I was really happy with how I felt about it. Very comfortable with the idea of it, in fact pretty pumped. And very comfortable with the distance. I'm still in shock and awe of how you fast runners lay down 5-6-7 minute miles at these distances.  I did manage to beat my time from 11/6/10 by over 13 minutes. I have a long way to go I know, but I just have to believe in myself and have confidence in my training.

Awesome way to start my day. I felt no guilt in the food that was going to be consumed in a bit of excess. And I got home in time to clean up, set up and relax a bit before everyone got there. 
My legs feel great and I'm one of the fortunate ones that is working all day.
ACTUALLY, I'M FORTUNATE TO GET TO WORK ALL DAY ! Some don't have jobs right now. Just another thing to be thankful for.

Have a great day.  



  1. HA ! was a great run for me, but not you guys. Although I am proud of the distance for sure. 1:43 for 10.2 miles is not anything to jump up and down about though.

    But A: I looked cool ;-) B: I felt cool, not many people were actually able to say than ran 10 miles before there feast.

  2. Sorry you had to work but I know what you mean about being thankful for a job. I'm thankful I'm losing a job I hate, even if I don't have a replacement yet. It was freezing in NorCal! In the 30s when I did my 10K. Brrrr! I needed much more than gloves and arm warmers!

    Anyway, Huntington Beach 1/2 mara sounds neat but I'm not sure it's going to fit into my training plan. I'm planning on the Buffalo Run in Catalina (January) and the Safari Park 1/2 mara in Escondido.

  3. Rachel, both those races sound very cool. I like the adventure outlook!