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Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit it all in !!

So it's Friday ! Yah.

No meeting today, that's like a bonus in itself.
I'm heading to meet my wife for lunch in a few and I'm super hungry.
I chose to move my A.M. run today to an evening run. And the weather would have been perfect this morning. But since I had to drive my son to school this morning ,which is about 20 minutes away, I chose to reset the alarm for 5:45 and catch a few more winks.
It's all good because I brought my I pod to work with me and I'm going to load some fresh music in it and that will make tonight's run just that much more fun.

As I said before I'm off on a road trip before daybreak tomorrow to see these knuckle heads

Hard to complain about that, but you have to admit that's a road warrior drive.

I also found out last night that Sunday brunch is kind of a formal/casual thing at the House Of  Blues and we are requested to be there @ 9:30. There goes the early run.
Sorry Patrick, unless you want to run in the afternoon.
Which will now be my adjusted time. Otherwise be safe homie.

 I was also just informed by my wife ( kindly she asked), If I would help here either fabric paint or iron on (if she can find those reasonable) my grandsons last name and number on 11 matching shirts :-o. This way we can all wear them and support him on the sidelines.
What is she crazy ??
Of course I said yes. I mean I'm not at all exited about that little twist in the plans, but I love her, and that's the kind of things she does.
SHES MY LITTLE LUCY RICARDO (sometimes you can see the little peppermint wheels in her head just spinning and spinning ).

It's all good. I just made it clear I was running 1st right ?
answer : oh sure. ( I know she was thinking, hell were going to be up all night doing these anyways).

O.k. so this is what I mean by

happily married with kids and drama and everything else, but hey life happens.

Have a good one all here, there and everywhere.   


  1. you should see it tri247 is available...

    I might be avail Sunday afternoon. Why get up early if you don't have to?

  2. Awesome husband, dad, and granddad, you will reap the benefits for quite some time! Have a great weeekend.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Sunday Brunch at HOB they have great food and even better can you slide over the the sportsbook in Mandalay for some NFL betting?!?!


  4. Nope DRog - that brunch is at the House of blues in Anahiem. Im still on an out and back to Vegas tomorrow.