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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That's it ! no more road trips for a bit

As some of you know I recently did the ridiculous 600 mile Orange County to Vegas and back loop.
This is not an out and back loop that is in my normal training plans.
That being said we had a great time with the kids. The weather held up and we made it home safe and sound to fight, err live another day.

Monday night I get a phone call from a person that has been contemplating buying a golf cart I have for sale. That's great, I need to get rid of it and she has the cash. The only problem is I keep it out in Palm Springs.

Oh crap, It's a holiday weekend and I'm not so big on driving some particular freeways out here on regular days, but Holidays ? No thanks.
So I opted to offer to go pick it up if they would commit to come to our house in Huntington beach and grab it.
ANSWER : Sure, sounds great , can you get it by Wednesday ?   UHH, yeah sure I love to drive long miles and crowded freeways, only to get there and turn around to come right back. I'll have it here tomorrow for you.
So off me and my road warrior wife go last night after a couple of quick 10 hour days of work, not leaving out the 1:10 hours on the bike that started before 5:30 a.m.
All to get this little guy.
Palm Springs is not that far, 200 miles max round trip.
 But with our traffic ? Nightmare !
We made our journey though. We got there and back home to unloaded around 11:30.
That was pretty much flying the whole way. This also included spending the ridiculous $7.50 fee for the Fast Track. For those that don't know what this is. It's an ever changing fee they charge to Drive a semi clear lane, for about a 7 mile stretch of road. What a racket !
And I have bought into it.
What an idiot!

Anyways it's all done, it's all good and  I will have it gone by tonight. One less thing I have to worry about.

So for my cyber space friends out there.
Have a great time this Holiday.
But if you are, pretend there are no drafting rules and tuck behind someone.
 Check mile markers as if you are running Marathons, clicking them off every 26.2 (and yes count the .2 it is important).
Or Doing M-DOT bike legs. Just save enough energy for the Marathon to come.
I even snuck in a few hands at the top of the steering wheel and slightly crouched aero position miles. Of course no one knew it, but I did.

Have meals and laughs with your families.
Be thankful you are healthy, and probably healthier this year than last year at this time !
Laugh some more, life is tough as hell, and very short.
Try and be kind to other people on the roads. God only knows where there headed and what life is serving them up. But I bet there not as blessed as you are, all fit and rockin your lycra on a daily basis.
Even if you don't do it out loud, truly give thanks for what you have, and what you will accomplish. IT'S A BIG FRICKIN DEAL !!

I'm thankful for being able to stay home. Not go anywhere.
Have my kids come to our home.
It will be filled with food, laughter, music and sometimes boredom. And I will be thankful for every single minute of it.
These things too are a "BIG FRICKEN DEAL" !

Enjoy people. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Know I'll be thinking about you.

Oh and I almost for got this-
I'm thankful for my sticker,
thanks SUAR-


  1. I'll bet going aero cut precious seconds off your trip, good thinking. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. can we please run Sunday? I'd be thankful for that.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving.

    TY for putting the MM banner up.

    This part brought a smile to my face:
    I even snuck in a few hands at the top of the steering wheel and slightly crouched aero position miles. Of course no one knew it, but I did.

  4. how did I miss this? Thanks J for the catch.

    I even snuck in a few hands at the top of the steering wheel and slightly crouched aero position miles. Of course no one knew it, but I did.

    That. Is. Classic. You've got that false flat on the I15 coming into Baker that you where probably flying.

  5. While driving I always think about how hard the hill would be to ride up rather than drive up. Wrong, yes, but at least I didn't reach down near the pedals for a water bottle.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  6. BDD - right back at ya.

    Kovas- Not only did it save precious moments on the drive, but you should have seen my in and out T1 and T2 times at the rest stops.

    Jason- my pleaseure, I am a true fan of someone jumping corparate ships to follow a passion. I even have you on Facebook so I hope you gets some hits from it.

    Patrick- I refuse to try and commit to you for pure fear of failure and plan changes. I would be thankful to go for a run with you too. Well you run, I slog, but it's a process I'm learning to deal with.

    RockStarTri- even in my darkest years of not training. I look at most hills with the question of how hard would that be, oh look how smoothe the surface is.Or even damn, look how cobbled that surface is, that would be a tough challenge.

    Everyone take care of you and yours.

    Patrick, keep an eye out for a text or e-mail, or an ear for a phone call.Stranger things have happened.

  7. We're staying home this weekend and I'll be getting in cycling or running miles each day. Good times.

    Have a blessed weekend.