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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's not all fun and games

I had been pretty fortunate to string together some good consistent work outs in a row.
Not so much this morning.

I did hit the pool yesterday at lunch as scheduled. I got in 1250 meters, which isn't a ton a water time but it was just about all the time I had to give it. I'm glad I got there though, my swim time has been way off this past month and it kind of got away from me. So I'm hoping to get some extra days in there this month. I'm even going to try and get in a couple open water swims. Warm ups 1x100 to  4x250 with 10 second recovery to 2 x 100 cool down. O.k. that's 1300 meters, whatever. It felt good, my breathing and heart rate sustained and I was able top pull 6 strokes for many of those laps.

However this mornings ride which was a scheduled 25 miles was not smooth or cheery. It seemed forever to get my legs warm and functioning, and even when they did they felt heavy. We are right at the beginning of off shore breeze season, which is awesome if I'm grabbing my board and going surfing, but sucks on the bike. It's cross wind out , cross wind back.
It's not even fierce yet, it was mild and It still F'd with me.
That being said I made it down to Newport Beach in time for sunrise at that is a glorious thing about the coast. I love sunrises and sunsets on the coast. My wife and I have literally an entire 100 picture photo album dedicated to them.
I dreaded the turn around, knowing it would be much of the same on the way back. At one time I saw 16 mph on my speedo on flat ground ?? WTF ???
That kind of cracked me there with probably 8-9 miles left to get home. Finally I just through it in a neutral feeling gear and put my head down. I peddled as smooth as I could get it ,without breaking stride. I was able to hold that form for about 5 miles to the point of semi blurred, cross eyed vision. Sure enough it got me back to my turn out point and and a short 4 miles to home.
That sucks, and know every day cant be rainbows and pixie's (I don't know where that came from) but I was a bit discouraged and need to figure out if that was a fuel issue ? poor recovery ? ( I felt great yesterday) or just a mental break ?
I know it maybe hard for outside input on this, but If you got something, I'm open to listen.

ZOOPORT BEACH 7:10 A.M.           


  1. Offshore breeze? The surf gods were punishing you for spending time on the bike. Hit the surf instead!

  2. I feel you. At 2 PM going North it was windy and hot.

  3. ah my friend it's like riding into a blow dryer. It's probably making you a stronger athelete though. It wouldn't hurt me to get some late sessions in. But with the time change it's going to have to be on special days. Not sure what that meens yet.

    Kovas, there is suppose to be some waves coming in. It was perfect 2 footers this a.m. and real HIGH tide.