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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

O.k so it's done

Got the approval from my company that they will hook me up for the HB  Marathon and 1/2 Marathon.

I'm glad first of all that they stepped up, second that I'm going to get some free quality running gear out of it, and third that they are footing the bill. That's solid. And couldn't have come at a better time for me.

Pretty much a win ,win. Although I am no fast show case runner, in fact I'm shooting for finish first with no injury, and then I would be happy with 2:00 to 2:10 time.
If I go faster, great. If i go slower, damn. Either way it's relatively inexpensive investment for them. I also think it could send out some positive vibes in the community. I honestly would be more prone to do business with someone that I knew supported what I loved as a sport. But that's just me.

So It's ON and I'm IN and signed up for my first 1/2 marathon ever and I'm stoked.

Just need to work out this silk screening issue. Patrick is trying to lend his support. The guy is solid and you likely have found my blog through him. But if you didn't, check it out the guy is an awesome writer and super informed in allot of areas.

Suppose to be an off day. And I think I'll head down to check out the new run gear at lunch. I still may put in 5-6 run miles tonight though, depending on my wife's plans. I'm not sore, fatigued or drained at all so I feel I should get to it while the getting  is good.

On another note, I have definitely decided the QR stays. In fact I bought her some new bar tape, received my new Lake CX211 TRI shoes last night via mail. I'm thinking of putting a longer stem on it @ 110, and maybe even looking for an inexpensive pair of  used race wheels. When the road bike comes I'll know it.
Good things have been popping up allot lately even in the midst of bad. Maybe it's just a better out look I have these days ?
Whatever it is I'll take it. It's been awhile !

Will see if Kovas made it back in town and if he got any foreign miles in. The "TRAIL GURU" is always dropping knowledge. And yes I now listen 100 %, not 1/2.

Also hit this blog up and swoop in on a free sticker. My goal is to make her have to print more.There cool and she's FRICKEN HILARIOUS. Wanna laugh at someone else's craziness? here it is ; and she's a helluva an athlete.



  1. How cool your work is helping you out, can you find out if they'll sponsor me for the same races. All I need is the entry and the flight paid for. I'll stay with you and Patrick so neither gets sick of me. Off days should remain off? Right decision on the QR, in my mind.

  2. Come on out, you know the drill out here. And I thought I heard something about Patrick sending a lear ?? Your on your own for entrence fee's though. I'll supply housing,Gu's,Nunn's, and home cooked meals.

  3. They make them shameless in the Midwest, don't they? Oh wait, KP is from OC.