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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hiatus ? not really, just life interupted.

I actually feel this blog to be part of my life at times. Be it a small part, still a part.
It keeps me in touch with people that are like minded in a world where most people just don't dare to go.
Were ordinary people doing extraordinary thing, almost daily. And most people don't really get it, and some don't really thinks it important.
I disagree to every extent. Even when I had settled in to that couch potato routine, completely removed from the type of training that I have now resumed in my life.
 I still knew what the benefits of the sacrifices where. But it's easy to lie to yourself and say "I'll start doing something tomorrow". The problem is the same life is there the next day, until you decide to change the way it looks. And first we need to change are habitual routines to move forward in a positive direction.

With all that said, my schedule got tossed way out of wack last week. To the point were I had made a commitment to train with Patrick from and had to cancel out. Things happen, but I don't take outside commitments lightly. I believe we are all time crunched for our training and although it may not have effected him like it did me, it made me just that much more committed to getting that work out done. Weather he was there or not I made that commitment with him  and I was going to follow through on it.
The deal was we would meet Saturday at one point on the coast and go drop a vehicle off 10 miles away. Drive back to the start point and run to get that vehicle. Great plan, no turning back, once your out there, your out there.
I had the alternative plan, drive to the same spot, park and run 5 miles out and turn around. Not as adventurous sounding, but still effective. This would be my longest run to date. I thought I was achieving this last weekend, but after re mapping it out I found i was short.
This particular route there is no way to come up short.
And although the distance was not that much further, I paid a heftier price. I really had to keep it together to get that last mile out. My goal was to do all 10 miles with only a quick stop at the 5 mile mark to refill water. I stayed true to that and literally only took the time to run in and relieve myself , fill my water bottle and push back out. I ate a couple of gels and found that is not enough fuel for me past 7 miles. So I learned something new about myself to.
Total run 10.5 miles in 1:56:57. Pretty damn slow I know, but I am still quite proud knowing the distance I just traveled with such a short time back from couch potato hell !!

SO, for you Patrick, I say sorry about the work out change. On the other hand you kept me honest and inspired me to go where I had not yet gone.!! Thanks brother.

Side note: my legs felt pretty good, stomach was good considering, but my feet were on fire.
My birthday is tomorrow, and my wife is buying me whatever shoes I want :-) ,she too was quite proud of her little ex- potato.
 But she didn't have much sympathy on my feet, she figures If you choose to run 10 miles, you choose to have your feet hurt. (clearly not a runner).

On the road yesterday-
Ran 3.4 mile this morning in 30:37 @ 8.93 mpm. I didnt really feel pushed or slogging, just ran

pool swim at lunch 1250 meters.



  1. At least try the Newtons on, that's all I ask.

    And thanks for trying to stay accountable to our plans, that's a great thing. So maybe I shouldn't tell you how awesome it was to sleep in. When you are ready I forged another 10 mile route - Seal Beach to Warner/Edwards via Sunset, Bolsa Chica, Seacliff.

  2. Patrick, I did sleep in Sunday while you got to play in the group hammerfest which I look forward to someday being able to participate in.

    A 10 plus mile run will be in a couple weekends I'm guessing. Will see what life throws at me. I think I need to earn Newtons, and I'm not there yet. Im still way to heavy on my feet to fly.
    Ive chosen with suggestion of my style,gate etc.. Asics Kayano 16's - and I'm completely happy with the choice.

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes.