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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Train,Train, Train

Huh, well I was again at some factory training yesterday. This was actually pretty cool though. Brand new facility built and we got to demo drive the new 100 % Electric and ECO friendly Nissan Leaf. Or as I call it around my store, "LANCE ARMSTRONG'S 2010 LE TOUR DE FRANCE SUPPORT CAR"

It truly is 100 % electric. Literally no tail pipe, because there is literally no engine !! The thing was comfortable, and hauled azz. When they launch the technology for further travel distance than 100 miles, and it's already there, it will be even that more awesome.
This is no commercial, for those of you have heard me say before that I really don't care what anyone drives. But this really is cool for our planets future, and I'm pretty stoked to have witnessed the launch of what is to come.
Anyways this is where I was, and what I got to drive.
Nissan training that is,I know the pictures don't do it much justice, as to vehicle we are used to. But the designs have a huge impact on wind resistance and distance capabilities. Electric vehicle are here to stay for the long haul and this is just the beginning.

On the latter half of the day, I only worked until 4. Went home, meet my wife and she had arranged full massages for us at 5:00, oh my body needed that. From there we went to over eat ( well I did), plates and plates of sushi !!
Oh sushi how I love thee !!

Woke up this morning at  five-freezing- O clock and went for a nice crispy 23 miler on the bike. My legs haven't felt that good in forever, and that is usually not how I feel the morning after a massage. But it was awesome.  Bundled up and ready to make a turn to do the final 10 miles.
This picture also tells me I need not take any more pictures of myself. I don't care how much weight I'm loosing and have lost, I still look huge in pictures. And I'm as lean now as I have been in 6, almost 7 years.
I am not very fricken photogenic ! But I assure you, I'm working my azz off to get there.



  1. It's not a weight issue, you look fine. Rather, you have Mahoney face as well which is something I recommend fixing before it's too late.

  2. Maybe your wife can treat you and Patrick to some facial reconstruction surgery in lieu of massages! :)

  3. He's younger than me, maybe it would be worth it. For me, its a lost cause. I gotta roll with it :-).
    Is Mahoney face trademarked ? Maybe it's an Irish thing ?

  4. Our jeep was breaking down a coupla years wife tried to suggest one of those little electric cars....ummm Im not quite there yet!


  5. DRog, as bitchen as the technology is, I'm not there yet either. I'm a truck guy,not because I think I'm some tuff guy, I just like the truck ride. And I am witnessing the amazment of this thing first hand and I will hold out until they come with an open bed attached.

  6. I like the concept of an electric car, but every time I think of an electric car, it's really only a golf cart. When they can make a Suburban an electric vehicle then I'll buy one. It's not because I'm that much of a truck guy - but with 3 kids 13 & under, I need something the size of a school bus.

    Maybe I should just convert the engine to LP. Or recycled french fry oil.