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Monday, November 15, 2010

Attention members : pool is temporarily closed.

I hate the f&@$*ng  sign . It really changes my momentum, especially when I load my gym bag that morning and or the night before. This has happened now 3 times, and I'm so stupid that I just can seem to get it stuck in my head to prepare for an option in case this happens.
To swim at my gym pool between 12:00 and 2:00 is not drama like  I know some peoples pools are.
That being said when I only throw a towel and a pair of jammers or tri shorts in my gym bag, that presents some self drama.

At least if I do have a shirt and shoes  I could go do something else. But knooooooooooooooooow , I ONCE AGAIN screwed myself.
And so it's on, run number 2 on the new Kayanos. Which is probably not a bad thing since Ive done everything but register for the HB 1/2 marathon coming this Feb 6th. And the only hold up there is I'm trying to eek out a registration from my work.
Which brings up a question: any good sites to order a custom race shirt; my pitched plan is to have it logo'd up with my company info, run in it as a human bill board and have them foot the bill for the race and kit.
Anyway's this months swim time is already taking a hit and I'm not happy.   


  1. la fitness @ the block of orange.

  2. I know that feeling, one time I was swimming, just started, and I was told to get out, that they wanted to close the pool for cleaning, I was ticked, even more ticked when I looked in before I left and the no one was cleaning the pool. what the fudge

  3. You have a new follower here.

    I have been where you have been and even if I have clothes to work out in it always takes me about 10 minutes before I can clear my head of the fact that I am not swimming. Swimming is all mental for me, and once I see that sign I am so deflated.

    Gotta run but will try to catch up on older posts and get to 'know' you.