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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Swimming really ??

Oh swim stroke why do you forsake me ?

Well I did it. Swam for the first time 1 day short of three weeks. UGGH, how does it go away so fast ?

100 meter warm up felt like a work out.

1 st set of 250 meters felt like someone was extracting air out of my lungs every third stroke.

2nd and 3rd set of 250 meters felt like I was on a mushroom trip ( not that I would know anything about that) I'm just saying. Well maybe a little bit a couple decades ago.

4th set of 250 meters was like: swim faster jack ass and I'll make this your last set. SO I DID ! And that set of 10 felt pretty good. I actually had some power and glide going there, I finally remembered to roll and breathe. Your body dummy, not just your head ! Oh yeah, sorry. ( YOU PEOPLE DO REALIZE I'M TALKING TO MYSELF HERE RIGHT ).

Finished with a few cool downs, showered and got out of there. Phew, swimming was fun just a month ago. What happened ?  
This really shows me that I must stay active to some degree in every discipline or pay too huge of a price to re engage. I didn't like that feeling, and I will try not to repeat it. Even if it's 1 solid swim work out a week until it's time to get Tri serious.

Alright enough ranting. Who here has backed down off of things over the last month (OR SO) shame on you. And is now feeling the ill effects of recommitting ?


  1. I've swam twice (yes 2 times) in the last 75 days. Each time I did, I thought I was going to drown.

    I totally know what you went through.

  2. I'm now heading into the offseason, so it'll be just basework until sometime next year.