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Friday, November 12, 2010

Make life fun !!!

Ive been on a long run of trials and tribulations over the past 3 years. From job changes, to real estate disasters, income splintered and diced etc..
We (my wife and I) have done a decent job of restructuring our lives. Letting go voluntarily and not, of things that in the end were not that important.
This is a bit of a rant because we have pulled our boot straps up continuously and made the best of it. I know there are many people out there and maybe even on here that have gone through, and or that are going through similar challenges.
I'm believing that ours is coming to a head very quickly here. And although we may never get back to where we were, I believe we are better, stronger, and certainly more appreciative of what we do have.
The one thing that I have seen lacking, is fun. And I'm am on a quest to try and bring F-U-N back into our lives on a regular basis. Life is short in reality, and if we let ourselves dwell on past mistakes or circumstances out of our control, it will pass you by.
Don't go through every day bitter and unhappy. Wake up and do something good for yourself, and try and include the ones you love. Even though you may be the one that has to shoulder the majority of that responsibility. It the end it will be worth it. You grow, they grow.

I could mention plenty of blogs that I view, that appear to do this in there life. You have been inspiring in the short time that Ive landed here.
I hope to continue to learn from you all.

No work out today.

Thursday was a decent pace 4.6 miles at 9:36, not blistering by any means but up beat and efficient.

Will be doing a bike ride with my son in the wetlands Saturday a.m. and having the older boy's and there girlfriends over for dinner and belated birthday cake.
I will hopefully be taking a run with my new shoes by Sunday, and trying on a new pair of Tri cycling shoes that I ordered via birthday present from my pops.



  1. Great post...And you can be sure that there are as many trials and tribulations as there are bloggers. I think about how short life is EVERTDAY. Not to sound morbid…but there was a time when I was a bit younger where it was kind of depressing. I’ve been learning how to change my view of our “short window”…and to think of it not as a negative thing…but rather as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn from the challenges that life relentlessly throws at us but also an opportunity to grow and to enjoy…because in the end…it is fleeting. This post resonated with me. Keep truckin’ brother.

    P.S. The committee got back to me…your certificate is in the mail.

  2. If this is pertaining to training, I strongly advise to leave the garmin or computers at home and just go and bike or run naked, an endurance athlete is deeply comsumed with numbers and splits, ditch them for a week and just go out and have fun, it works for me

  3. You better be careful buddy. With an attitude like, you just might turn into a success story!

  4. You got to enjoy it while you can thats for sure

  5. Fantastic post, Craig. Glad to have you around the blogosphere and down the street (and around the corner)