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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow is November really over ?

That's crazy talk right there. Time flys, especially when your constantly checking splits and distances. Ha just a wee bit of multi -sport humor for the day.
O.k. back to reality, I ramble when Ive had too much coffee.
Holly cow, I blew of my tempo run this morning and opted for a lunch swim. (YES I SAID SWIM),I know it's hard to believe but I'm all in today (sort of speak). It's been nothing but run,bike since 11/10/10 and I need to break that cycle.
I did run 3.4 miles last night as a recovery run, it was chilly and beautiful out. There was a bunch of really bad drivers on the road and I want to know how some of these people pass there test.
My legs felt like I had a slab of lead coating both quads and my calves were made with plaster of paris. But that all wore off after running 3.3 miles so yeah it was awesome ???
run = 3.4 miles in 30:27 for 8.9 pace as good as I could have asked for and way better than I felt I was going. I was really just trying top stay steady and work through the tightness. It felt as if the blood would just never move out and flow through my quads. The wind ride sent by heaven definitely took a little toll.
I will do the 4 mile tempo Wednesday a.m. fo sho.
After an e-mail from Kovas this a.m. and him commenting on "normal" doesn't jibe with his image of me :-)
I thought I would post up average JO me, trying to finish up yet another financially challenged month.

I am normal (kind of)

November total swim- 3750 meters (uh o)

November total bike - 150 miles ( better,but um not so much)

November total run - 58.2 miles (still not great,but best so far)

o.k. so it's back off to do this thing !
Hope everyone is healthy and alive today, lets make it happen people.



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  2. Hi neighbor.. thanks for checking in and commenting. I'm just a multi-sport newbie. Short distances and pretty slow. My main focus for now, it training for the LA Marathon and losing weight. But, I'm also looking to work my way up to finishing a Sprint Tri sometime in 2011. Where do you train? BTW, I am no jet setter! Actually, I hate traveling. Luckily, my job has very little of that.. but this month is an exception.

  3. Still a solid month if numbers are on the way up. Looking good.

  4. Being normal is way overrated, so don't even try. :)

  5. Normal is not fun. Being a multi-sport abnormaler is way more fun.

    I just started checking my numbers on a weekly basis so now I will do so on a monthly basis to see how that looks, but to me those numbers look GREAT!!!!!