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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Whole new respect for the midwest/eastcoast athletes

First off, I moved away from Chicago straight to So Cal when I was 7.

That being said I have only been a fan of the cold when I,

A : had a snowboard or set of skis strapped to my feet. OR

B : was in a hot tub after a long day of skis and or a snowboard strapped to my feet.

C : had a set of ice skates laced up.

So I know I keep bringing this up, but it is fricken hard to get out the door at 5:15 A.M. to run, but especially gear up to ride.
I did get to rock my new bike shoes for the first time this morning. They are a full on the fly put em on ,take em off Tri shoe. So they are not necessarily the most insulated shoe I guess. But I threw on some wool socks and they seemed good in the 42 degree crisp, clear air.

Back in the day. I'll call it past life Tri training. I have come to the realization that I was very lazy with my training. I don't really remember blowing off a bunch of work outs, but I'm guessing I probably did.
I know for sure my a.m. work outs were far and few between. And indoor trainer workouts were probably no more than 6-8 a season.

I know it's probably relative to being in my 20's, and at a walking around weight of  175 lb. But we kind of just trained a few days a week all out. Then we may not train for a couple days at all.
 Eat,drink, go kill yourself for a couple of hours, rest and repeat. Winter rolled around and we were all about skiiing, some runs, some rides. 

I also remember being sore alot. And I'm not that way very often now. So age had deffinetly gave me wisdom in training. I also think consistancy has done this too. Even at a much heavier weight now than then ,I believe I could beat all my past race times. I wish I was organized enough back then to have them, but I don't. So everything from August 8th 2010 on is my PR and thresholds to beat.

I give you mid west/east coast guys and gals huge props for your determination to gut it out on trainers.
I give you even more props for your excessively bundled up runs and rides when you venture out.
I can tell you for sure that I believe I'll draw the line if I walk out to my back yard and my temp gauge reads anything under that 40 f. line.
I'll keep you posted on that, when that day comes.

I can see runs in that temp, but rides ? not so much.

A.M. ride this morning in beautiful So Cal coastal conditions for 25 miles. Slight on shore north wind at an average speed of 20.2 mph and a bit cold at times. But I really felt blessed to be out there and capable of doing this.




  1. Jenn from Running Sane will laugh if she sees this. 40 degrees is like springtime up in northern Minnesota. Maybe get some shoe covers to extend the outdoor cycling season?

  2. Kovas, there already on order.
    And I'm aware that I am going to get punked for the 40.
    I can help it, Ive been warm weather pussified.

  3. I am a warm weather kind of guy too and this will be my first season training during the Texas winter and I don't know what that will bring. I just dislike the trainer so much that I THINK I will brave the weather and ride outside.....THINK I will but only time will tell.

  4. Except for the Big 10 Conference, I am a big fan of the Midwest...

  5. Riding in the cold sucks, I admit it, its takes forever to dress for, and its still cold.