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Monday, November 15, 2010

Well that was fast

What a quick weekend. It seemed to go by faster than a T2, but that's life.
No real work out Friday or Saturday. I wanted to take my son on a bike ride to the wetlands but he was all congested. So I opted to do a list of things around the house and let him rest. The good news is , my dogs don't stink and the yards look fantastic. The bad news, well screw there is no bad news, just good !!!

Had dinner with family and that was great. I feel like the god father here

Biological son to my right, and my two step sons to my left. Beautiful wife, and the boys girlfriends.
Yes we had Mexican food, why because in California you get kick azz Mexican food that's why :-).

I got my new Asics Kayanos 16 and got in a 6 mile run early yesterday. They were pretty comfortable, but I was not blown away. I'm going to put a few good runs on them and If I don't change my mind, there going back. I'm not spending good money and not going to be happy. Especially with running shoes that will have 20-30 miles a week put on them.
Funny thing is I read all kinds of great reviews prior to lacing them up. Yesterday I found all kinds of people on the fence and unhappy with the 16 and going back to the 15's ?? WTF, I thought I was pretty thorough.

I think I have come to the conclusion also that I am going to sell my Tri only bike and by a higher end road bike and try and make dual use of it.
I can't afford both it seems. I have tried to justify buying a lesser equipped road bike and having both, but really if I sell my Quintana Roo and pool in some cash Ive gathered, I can get a pretty kick butt roadie and just use clip ons.

Any thoughts on this from you yahoo's before I pull the trigger fo sho ?

I got a really great Craigslist deal on this bike when I bought it. I mean for an 07 aluminum with carbon fiber seat post and forks, all durace and ultegra components and it is literally scratch free. I bought this as it sits less the front and rear lights for my before daybreak rides and a cyclometer for $ 500.00.
I think that is a rockin deal, and I'm almost talking myself out of this again as I write this.
I really like this bike.
I just want to take part in regular road group rides.

O.k. now I'm asking for advice.


  1. Wow, you'll kick yourself if you let that bike go, no way to replace it at that price. I got a great deal on a road bike, just have to be patient and keep looking.

  2. I'm with Kovas. Road bikes with clip ons will detract 1 to 2 mph from your average in a race. I know first hand. Find a good road bike deal. I've always told myself that if I wreck my road bike I'd buy an entry level at the LBS to get by.

  3. I just got a pair of the 16s. I never really liked the 15s but the 14s rocked.

    The best bike is one that fits you well. I have 4 so I may not be the most impartial but don't worry about 1-2 mph. There is a lot of work to do on the engine until that really matters. As long as you are comfortable, keep with what you have for now. Of course if you are looking for a bike race you'll need to ditch the aeros but I wouldn't be concerned with that.

  4. you gotta keep the QR. BTW some guy showed up with a P3 yesterday so I say you just check out the Sunday ride on the QR...

  5. Im hearing you guys. And the more I look at it and know what it is capable of, i really think I should hang on to it. Ill just try and stay patient and see what happens with a roadie. There is just alot of really cool bikes out there that are so light and fun looking. But I think I have a solid Tri bike and it would be a mistake to launch it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Im really needing to be happy with what I have.My life has changed and it is what it is.

    RockStarTri- I just hit another run in those 16's and they actually felt a little more stretched. I only ran 3.4 mile loop, but it was much better. Im still not over the moon about the sole burn I got.

  6. THe components alone are worth double the $500, I understand you want a nice road bike, but I agree, you will miss that bike.