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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The oddest things

I have been an avid surfer since I begged my mom to buy me my first used surfboard for $ 5.00 on November 8th 1975. I say this because there are a few athletes that come along in all sports that are just unreal at what they do. One of which passed away a couple of weeks ago now, but I only just saw a small local memorial this morning on my ride.
I won't go in depth about his life, but I will say that he was very successful. And unfortunately up until just this year, very unhappy.
It proved to me no matter how high we rise, or how far we have to fall, in the end it really comes down to smile more, laugh as much as possible, take things serious but keep it in perspective.
 Tell people you love that you love them ( and do it often).
Spend time with friends, and make new ones ( I have trouble with this one, not because I don't want to, I'm just a bit of a loaner).
Try different things, and don't be afraid to like, or dislike them.

Understand, life can go on a long time, or can end in a blink.

this is probably way off topic, but it hit me hard enough to stop, take a breathe and look around this morning.

RIP Andy Irons- I'm glad you changed your outlook on life before you passed.

God speed.



  1. Great post, man. The Andy Irons thing is a complete bum out. And PS not off topic as well. I really think that endurance sports give us both the health advantages and coping skills to be better people.

  2. TRUE that homie !!

    I'm racing through an absolute shit storm in my life right now. But by the grace of God I got my act physically and mentally together soon enough to weather it with a grimace and grin. Victory will be ours!!! And I believe taht just as sure as I just wrote it. Clear head = clear descisions. I don't care what we face, we have adversities that we kicked ass on and can reflect back on, PERIOD !!