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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to all veterans that have, are and will serve.

I am forever greatful for the freedom that you bestow on us. With your tireless efforts, and seemingly endless journey to try an uphold a higher standard.

If not for you, we would likely be in a much different place in our lives.

For us that think we have it hard, think of the millions upon millions that go hungry daily.
Those of us that like to worship openly or in private, think about being killed for your faith.

If you have a roof over your head, some money in your pocket, and food in your stomach your are rich beyond belief compared to the world.

I for one take our lives and freedom too often for granted.
Getting wrapped up in finances, business and every day life. Sadly and fortunately I have a father who at the age of 78 is still active in the American Legion honor guards. And spends no less than 2 days a week in full dress uniform, honoring and burying past and current fallen soldiers. I'm very proud of my fathers patriotism.

And I especially salute him.

This was taken a couple months ago when I visited him. His name with 5 of his brothers (my uncles) are engraved on those bricks.

Love you dad !! think about you every day. LET FREEDOM RING !!


  1. Way to honor your dad and all of the veterans out there today.

  2. Well said man, you pops has a great son.