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Thursday, February 10, 2011

sometimes beauty is the beast

First thank you that wished my father well on his birthday. He is an awesome man, and will forever be my hero.

Back on to training :

I haven't ran yet since Sunday. I was trying to let the feet blisters heel and it appears they are just about ready to go. I could have probably ran this morning, but having a cyclists heart I have been craving the cranks.
My last ride was a killer loop with and . I think all said and done that day ended up being 58 miles. A great ride for sure and we had some stellar climbs and included some fast flat pulls as a team.
I then put the bike away and focused on the pre 1/2 taper and runs only.
Yesterday would have been my 1st ride back but you know the story there.

So here we are at present time. Crisp yet balmy at 6:15 a.m. if that makes sense. In So Cal we get these crazy canyon winds, called  Santa Ana's.
I won't go into the science of it, but they can be heaven and hell all wrapped up.
I felt them while standing in my backyard with a steaming cup of JO this morning and thought well it's either pay the piper and ride or get your run back on.
I chose to hit the saddle.
Heading out North first with the anticipation of a decent headwind back I was hoping.
My legs felt good, and it was great to be riding again for the first 8 miles or so I didn't come across 1 rider, but several runners (which probably would have been a good to great choice). But I finally came across another fairly local club that I see out there sometimes ant they were huddled in about a 15 man/woman crew trying to get after it. At this point they where opposite side of the highway of me, and I know as we glanced over at each other, both sides though the same thing, where is the freaking tailwind ?
The wind was shifting so much at times out there that you could go from a steady 22-23 mph and get whacked 2 minutes later down to 13 mph. As I continued down PCH, I observed no less than 7 of there club riders that had gotten spit out the back. Now normally this consist of someone or a few people to either hold up, or drop back and pull them back in. But I have a feeling there was a consensus that if you get spat out today, we'll see you at the next meet up point, period.
It was tough riding in the saddle, tough riding out of the saddle, drops, hoods, you name it there was very little to no comfort zone.
It was a character builder and strength trainer at the very least. I was glad I was out there, very thankful in fact to have the ability and the opportunity to be capable. But it was tough to say the least.
I didn't feel bad for the people that got blown out the back of that crew, especially since I was rolling solo. The one thing I kept thinking was, it's not all sunshine and smooth roads and sometimes the beauty of it all can be the beast.
I did stop to take a couple photos for you. As Catalina island is 27 miles west of our coast, but on days like today you feel as if you can touch it.



And yes Kovas it is about shoulder to head high again and just draining, peeling pipes. Someday brother, someday.

One last note; I want to give a huge shout out to, I follow them on facebook. They have been doing a style review for the past week. I commented on a couple of pairs and then commented that I could not find a local shop that had replacement lenses for glasses. They stepped right up and offered some up. Now I haven't received them yet, but it was only 24 hours ago. But if this is an example of there customer service I'll be a promoter and buyer for life. I really like the styles, form and feel of them weather I'm riding or running. They stay clear and put.

NOTE;( I am not a product reviewer for Ryders eyewear, they have not paid me anything for this statement. Nor asked me to endorse them. It is soley my personal feelings and experiences).

Train hard, train smart, be healthy.



  1. Beauty little waves - maybe surf instead of ride on those days!

  2. I'm headed out in about an hour...according to the flag on top of Boeing I'll get a tail wind to PCH/San Gabriel River, and then who knows, maybe a cross wind? Could be worse if that's the case.

  3. Kovas that water is icy and I'm too much of a spoiled fair weather surfer these days.

    Patrick, I hope it dies down. Good luck and happy hunting :-)

  4. OK

    Westminster Ave West to PCH via San Gabriel Trail = Heaven.
    PCH South to Warner = OK
    PCH South to Goldenwest = Pure torture
    PCH North Goldenwest to Warner = Between OK and Heaven
    Warner East to Bolsa Chica = Pure torture
    Bolsa Chica North to Bolsa = OK

  5. I seen you on Bolsa Chica just after Edinger. It looked as though it has calmed down. BUT IT ALWAYS LOOKS THAT WAY WHEN YOUR IN A VEHICLE. Good job holmes.

  6. EMZ- DO NOT mess with the saints ! Boondock saints that is :0

  7. you saw me? Did my butt look big? How about my face?

  8. Butt nice, face , huge !! what can I say.

  9. OK reading the comments between you and Patrick and laughing, I forgot what I was going to say about your post.

    OK..It sounds like an awesome ride and I am jealous of you riding outside. Nice waves.

  10. again ur pics always make me envious (jealous)