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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wacked out wednesday

Well today is another off day due to taper week. I will run again tomorrow, but today is ?? well it is what it is.
Not  a huge fan of off days but they are so necessary. So I'll just roll through some things.

Whacked out-
My boss tells me on Monday he is having food catered in. Sweet !!
I get a call yesterday and asked if I can supplement what is being catered in with some Korean ribs and Hot links.
WTF ? what happened to catered. His reply- yeah that's coming too, I just thought you could make some of that BBQ also.
ME in my head - " really ? what world do you gravitate to when not present with us" ? You just don't whip up shit for 80-90 people. Freaking moron. I'd call him out on it, but I like him to damn much.

So I BBQ ed today (ppfft)

I got a call from school to come get my son, he's sick. ( I got this call while standing in front of 45 pounds of meat grilling) CRAP ! Thank God for my super woman wife, who changed plans and went and got him.

Speaking of which, I just know that school gets there minds blown with all of us. Me, my wife, and the Ex.
We all show up at holiday performances together. Go to all the parent/teacher conferences together etc..
We just all get along and I'm sure it blows there Catholic minds.
LOL- It's not about your school, it's about or son. GET OVER YOURSELVES :-).

There was platter, upon platter of deli sandwiches, egg rolls, some sort of Asian creme puff thingies and I didn't touch anything. (well one egg roll). I love freaking egg rolls.

Here we are in February ! How the hell did that happen. Wasn't I just wondering when Kovas would get to finally open his new Garmin for Christmas?
And now here we are just days away from the world famous Hallmark holiday on 2/14.

I FREAKING CAN'T WAIT TO RUN 13.1 MILES THIS SUNDAY !!!! I never in a thousand years thought that would come out of my mouth.

On top of that, the further past February we go, the more races keep coming. Along with some siiiiiick training !! YEAH !!

I have been really good on clean food for now going on 5 weeks ( I mean really good). I want a rib eye now !!
Sorry my Vegan friends, It's who I can be. And come Sunday after 12:00,it's all on for a day or so.

Reading your blogs every day is like drinking coffee to me, I really want it.

Even though my son is more than fine with my wife, his step mom. I'm still leaving work early to go wrap my arms around him and tell him that I love him. You see we wouldn't have normally got him until Friday evening and through the weekend, but because his mom was busy when the school called, and they then quickly called me.Where keeping him. LOL !! "NO REALLY WE ARE". :-) I'm going to go home and watch some lame movie with him while he still thinks I'm a super hero. (sadly we only have so many years) then they grow up.
 :-(. And were just dad I love you,but can I have a car.

I made dinner last night, Ahi tuna steaks, sweat potato and asparagus. It wasn't my wife, but I tried.
These guys where wishing they had some, and check out my big guys ayes. WTH ??


Tomorrow a.m. run 5 miles or so and hopefully the boy gets back to school.

Train hard, be smart, and stay happy and healthy.


  1. That's how it is with my ex and my kids. We both have younger kids as well as ours together, and the little ones are all very confused as to who THEIR stepparents are. His have decided that my husband and I are their step mom and dad, and mine just told me that he guessed my ex was his stepdad bc he was the boys' dad. lol. We aren't going to be holding hands walking down the street anytime soon, but we invite them over to BBQ and to big event parties for the boys. If we're a Jerry Springer family, at least it's a relatively happy one.

    Hope your son's better soon. Enjoy your race...I'm excited for you. I remember feeling that way in October and just having my mind BLOWN by the fact that I couldn't wait to run that far. It's still crazy to me.

  2. good luck on your half mary this weekend! =) So far I haven't been eating red meat. but something tells me I'll be craving for it after my marathon haha :p

  3. Are you going to ride Saturday?

    I'm thinking of it, running on tired legs is probably something I need.

    Let me know or talk me out of it.

  4. Hey good luck this weekend!!! Go get 'em!!

  5. I have a 16 year old and we've been 50/50 since the day she was born. Her step Dad and I coached her softball teams together. It's always great to cooperate like you are. Great attitude and way to shower your kid with love. Hope to see you at Patrick's meet up.

  6. "I FREAKING CAN'T WAIT TO RUN 13.1 MILES THIS SUNDAY !!!! I never in a thousand years thought that would come out of my mouth."

    Ya even in a thousand years, I wont mutter those words..... ever

  7. So awesome to see your progress Craig, enjoy the buildup until the race!

  8. mmmm that BBQ makes me hungry. Sounds soooo good! :)

  9. I love the excitment in running 13.1 miles. Isn't if funny how you never thought you'd ever say those words! :) Have fun!