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Friday, February 4, 2011


For me it's the right place, for some it wouldn't be. From 7 to 45 years old this is where it's been and this is where I want to stay.
I love visiting places outside of California, but I always miss home.
It's not necessarily what you see is what you get. Because what I see and hear from family and friends outside is way different than the life I lead.
You hear the land of fruits and nuts. The OC. The Hills. Rodeo drive. Gang Violence, The Lakers, the this, the that.

When I think of my home, I think


along with

and some
soon to be we'll be here
and we'll be getting these
and allthough there are many of you out there that I would love to meet. You'll just have to know that your very inspiring from a distance. HOPEFULLY some day, somehow it will all be arranged. But or now we'll have to be your eyes and ears out here. Thanks for all the e-mails and well wishes.
And even though I am not BQ minded, I will be PB minded and you'll all be there every step of the freaking way.
Maybe some day you'll be out here long enough to show you how to snap that surfboard off the top of that wave, or we can experience how awesome that empty wave really is in person. Maybe we can pack ride off of the ocean and up through some rural canyons together. Or maybe we'll just take a leisurely run down the coast and site see. I'll tell you it's easy on the eyes.
If and when it ever happens you'll still be in my thoughts. Everyone thaw out and get your races on. It's February and so the season begins !!



  1. I am all about race bling, and I love those medals

  2. Sweet. I couldn't care less about the celebrities or the shopping, but the scenery and doing fun things out in it would rock. Can't wait to hear about your HM. I'm so envious of everybody racing this weekend. I'll be living vicariously through every race be timely, people! :)

  3. The emails and well wishes I have received have been unbelievable. Now I get to reciprocate. You seem to have a great attitude. At this point, that's the only thing we can control. Have a great race.

  4. Dude...that last picture proves that you have your game face ON! Rock this thing. Have fun! And know that we will all be thinking of you.

  5. I so wish that I was running in this! and that I lived in Cali :) I am definitely taking a trip out there in the near future though :D

    All of you are going to ROCK this!!!!

  6. One day I will be living in Sunny California. One day....I envy your location!

  7. Dude, don't forget the Clippers and the new round of NFL hysteria...

  8. Thos medals are awesome... and the scenery isn't too bad either! ;) Hope the race went well!