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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wet weather puts a damper on cycling motivation

I want to ride, and I want to now. But this weather hasn't let up much, I hoping it clears soon for a nice long ride this weekend.

Ive also thought about a couple hour session in the water this weekend for some cross training.  It would be nice to see if all this swimming has helped and strengthened my paddle.
My last session was months ago and because I'm old and a fare weathered surfer anymore my days are getting numbered  this year.

I also think I need to try and focus on getting my run distances up, along with a good pace. I know it all takes time but I really enjoy running and want to get some miles on.

No a.m. work out today, will hit the gym at lunch for core work. Which will include several variations of sit ups and back extensions, body weight excersizes and some back shoulder and chest work on equipment. I also like to jump rope 5-10 minutes in intervals.

dinner was - baked chicken breast, asparagus and broiled tomatoes.

brkfast- shake
snk1 - bar
lunch- left over chicken
snk2 - brocolli salad
dinner - pot roast with carrots,potatoes and celery