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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Continue to fight the good fight

My body feels recovered, strong and pain free. But I have about 50 % breathing capacity from my nose.
But I was scheduled for a timed 5k this A.M and that's what was going to happen. On a side note, I liked doing two a day work outs but I definitely feel fresher and more recovered when I only do a single discipline.
That being said I have been blowing off my second work out almost every day and likely will until I see it necessary to prepare for an actual race or event.

Man, I babble- anyways  timed 5k, actually my 5k is 3.4 miles, that's just what it is door to door,I just do the math. If you've read any of my blog you know I'm not a fast runner, fact is that I mentally think I need to get faster just to earn the title of "running" vs fast paced jog. I hate the term jogging, it reminds me of something that you do when you are trying to create a faster pace than a walk. I don't believe that is me.
But I digress. I told myself that I would go hard and push from the very 1st step and let my body adapt to the quicker than normal speed and pace. If I could do this and let my breathing, heart etc.. catch up and keep pace with my arm swing and leg cadence then I would no matter what have accomplished something special and it would be a victory.

I never check my splits, but I did today and I was at 7:56 mile 1 , " HOLY CRAP" this is timed not guessed and I just saw it.
So I was fired up needless to say, I almost wish I hadn't looked, because I felt good and smooth and that was really what matteredd. It took me at least 300 yards to get calmed back down and smooth again, maybe longer but I never stopped pushing.
I hit my turn around and never looked at my watch, I just picked a point and ran it out to the end. No real surges, just as hard as I felt I could go.
End result was not a sub 24 5k , but I did beat my PB by :34 seconds and that was a victory.

3.4 mile "RUN" 28:53 - 8.39 mpm, previous was 8.6.
I did it while breathing mostly from an open mouth and partially plugged nose too. My effort, heart rate, and breathing was fully recovered within 3 minutes of stopping. I also thought this was good.

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  1. Always good to do a tempo run, I try once a week. Over time you'll hold the faster pace for longer. To be faster, you've got to run faster more often.

  2. Kovas is right on this. To run fast you've gotta run fast. Good work on this run. I usually find that my nose clears up once I start running (as soon as stop though...I'm back to being a miserable stuffy mess).

  3. Sorry Homie, busy day. Congrats on your PB. Can't add much to what KP and Q have said...