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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brick Saturday

My first opportunity to due a true bike to run brick.
Knowing this I tried to keep my food yesterday good. It was my middle sons birthday and we did a family dinner at Bucca di Bepo (sp?) I kept it pretty real, considering the amount of food that can be in front of you via serving it up family style.
I definitely wont be eating this next Friday night but it  was damn good.
I even had a small piece of homemade carrot cake my wife whipped up.
I got up and set up my garage transition the way i will have it come race day. Filled bottles with selected beverages and a GU that I would take down towards the end of the ride to prepare for the run.
I'm not a huge fuel during a race guy, and it has killed me in the past. Gels were not available back in the stone ages so I'm big on those and blocks.
That being said I got out there on the bike with a typical 3 mile warm up stretch and then turned on the open lane to go hard.
My goal was to hit at at about 75-80 % on the bike for a 15 mile loop, and finish with a 3.4 mile run at closer to 90 % if I could.
The bike was kind of scary, it took me forever to settle down my breathing and heart rate. I was kind of freaking out, telling myself jeez if your this whacked out now, how the hell are you going to be on race day.
Finally I pulled it together and told myself you've been here, done this, it's just been along time ago. Relax and take it in. I finished the 14.8 mile ride at an average speed of just over 19 mph. Relatively slow compared to my normal bike, but I knew I wasted allot of time in the first 5 miles and that was not going to happen again. Also I took in consideration I'm running the low tire pressure and wasn't pushing it all to limits, just a strong simulation.
Next came the run, OH CRAP ! I forgot this tree trunk, brick footed sensation ! But I managed to keep a quick short step pace and slowly increase. At about .8 mile mark I king of felt the GU kick in that I got down at mile 11 on the bike. My tight right calve and Achilles loosened up and I picked it up a little more.
I ran today with no I-POD as it will be on race day, and that was the first time in well over 7 weeks. It was kind of strange, and I knew it would be, that's the reason I didn't wait until race day.
I stayed as smooth as possible, but didn't feel I was doing very well. All in all I blasted in to the garage checked my time and it was 31.23 for 3.4, roughly 9 minute miles. I was right no great but all in all I was happy I got that work out in. And I feel I can build off of that. I know I will be able to go faster on the bike with little damages, as far as the run I could and will definitely be able to push myself harder. All in all a great work out and a great morning to find out where I'm at a little.
Really, I was pretty stoked just to reflect where I'm at today versus 3 months ago, let alone 11 months ago at 240 lbs. and not being able to stand looking in the mirror.
Don't get me wrong I'm no better looking, but I'm much happier in 36 " waist than border line 40's and sporting Large shirts versus choked out in an XL.

post pig out dinner and brick weight - 209 lbs.  


  1. Cool man, the brick sounds like it went fine. I have no doubt you'll have a good race next weekend...

  2. Hey man, a little heads up. I DNS'ed today due to a mechanical, more on the blog later but I'll be doing the Lake Perris Olympic next weekend. Can't end the season on a bum note..

  3. dude, I am so sorry. On the other hand Im glad your in for next weekend. But that really sucks. Well talk soon. Im helping out today with a final commitment to my friend with the fallen daughter.A charity car wsh at my dealership. Will talk this week.