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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

low tire pressure bike training

So this was always a past training aid I've used and it seemed to work back in the stone age for me so I will try in again.
I now have 7 rides left until my race. 2 of the 7 have been completed.
The two that have been done : 50 miles ( just shy of) at a pretty blistering pace for me anyways. 2nd was today's 22 miler large ring only, fairly hard at an average of 20 mph. Was pitch dark as I left earlier today @ 5:30 a.m.and not as warm as it has been. But still mild enough for just shorts and a long sleeve jersey.
 I only really have 100 miles of riding left in those 5 days in various intervals and distances. But I have for the last 2 rides and will for the last 5 rides, make sure my tire pressure is run at no more than  80 psi until my final ride. The advantage is on race day. Pump them back up to 120 psi for full hard tire effect. This is the absolute next best thing to race wheels, and tubular tires.
If you've done this before, you know what I mean. If you haven't you should try it.

And if you are wondering? yes I do have multiple run and swim work outs in there too. It just didn't seem important since my focus was the air pressure tip.I'll post more on work outs as they go.  

yesterdays lunch swim was perfect to what I had written and I felt smooth and fairly quick, with absolutely no panic breathing issues. Even on sprint laps and longer stroke counts I was spot on.
My meals were perfect and my weight is safely dropping 0-.5 lb a day.

breakfast today- protein bar - pre ride
post ride shake
snack 1 protein bar
lunch turkey and Swiss roll ups ( just meat and cheese)
snack 2 apple
snack 3 almonds and dried cran berries ( hand ful)
dinner salmon, asparagus, green salad. 

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