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Thursday, September 30, 2010


First things, first. My OW swim last night was awesome. I still didn't make that turn back to start another 1/2 mile. So that being said I'm only doing 1/2 mile open water swims. I don't know why ? I do more in a pool ! Why can't I just make that commitment and turn around and go again for at least the 3/4 mile swim. I''ll keep you posted, it's coming soon. it has to !
But my big accomplishment was on my morning run. Got up early and felt good, did a light stretch and talked myself into pushing through that thresh hold of 9 minute mile. I was convinced I could get a swift enough pace and hold it for the entire run. No surges necessary, just smooth and steady.
I started it out strong and just kept picking off distance markers, playing mind games with each to keep my speed up. Get to that pole down there, get to that stop sign, make your turn and get right back up to speed, get to that light, hold your pace etc.. you know the game we all play.
I ran my 3.4 mile loop in 29:27 !! that I believe is an 8.6 mile pace !!! YEAH !! running break though, I don't have them often and I'm very happy.

lunch time - core training 50 minutes at the gym.

dinner last night was home made chicken taco's
brown rice

breakfast- whey shake
snk 1 -whey bar
lunch- chicken and rice
snk 2 apple
dinner ??


  1. You swim at the beach, right? How about walking down a mile or 3/4 mile and then swimming back? Yeah for faster running!

  2. cool on the running man, what's the loop you did?

  3. Kovas, It has been my intention to park at the opposite end of where I start. But parking is a challenge there ( Patrick will back me up on this). And so I have to mentally tell myself its either swim the 3/4 and walk back, which I'm obviously a whiner and havn't done or go the full mile. Which I have done in a pool more than once now. But, it's all mental right now and I just have to go to that special little place and get it done, make the turn and go. It will happen. But hey great suggestion. Anything to break through.

  4. Patrick, it's just one of many out and backs from my house. As I know you guys have many too. This one goes down to the 4 way stop on Edinger towards Sunset marina in Huntington Harbour and back. It's a near perfect loop except the one light on Bolsa chica. If you go to the bridge it becomes a 5 miler. If I go into the Marina and follow the asphalt loop around and out it becomes a 6.4.