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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

catching up

Saturday 9-4-10 ran 5 mile loop from my home and back and felt no abnormal pain. This was my longest run since I have returned to training now for just over 5 weeks. I was pretty stoked on the distance and pace although snails pace slow, I'm calculating around 10 min miles :-O, but I'm good with that for now. It has literally been a decade since I have ran with any regularity and over a mile at a time. This leaves a ton of room for improvements.

9-5 and 9-6 out of town. ate well and stayed pretty diciplened with beers or cocktails. ONLY a couple over 3 days.

9-7 am bike ride starting in the dark and didnt realize until about 6 miles in that speedo was not regestering. I opted to keep hammering due to I new the basic distance on the route and was exicted to be training. Got stopped at a light finally on PCH and Warner and found the magnet on the wheel had spun a bit. Fixed it and now had info. The only thing I was really missing was speed for tempo. There was a bit of headwind this a.m. and its always nice to see if you are really pushing or letting yourself get lazy. Anyways finished 18 miles showered and off to work.
Will pool swim 1000 meters at lunch .
2x75 warm ups
which is actualy 1200 with warm up and cool down laps   

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  1. Nice training! Sometimes it's hard to tear ourselves away from the gadgets - good for you to keep riding!