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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

smiley face on the high way

Tuesday a.m. ride was chilli. Full leggings and fleece over jersey. Ive never been a sock in road shoe guy, which come race days is awesome, come ride days in the a.m. could be a different story. This may change, I don't know yet.
Anyway's there is a section of my ride, which almost no matter what trek or loop I take puts me on this same stretch of PCH. I love this section, wide enough, slight roll to it, only one light and you can usualy time it well. But I most like that when they previously did a road repair with ashpalt and slurry, that some clown laid down a big smiley face :-)  on the bike path. To me it's a mental marker, and I litteraly say goodmorning or hello to it every time I pass it. Pretty sad I know, but for 90 % of my rides that could be the only word said out loud the whole ride.
So I may be loosing it a little out there ? I don't care, he's still getting a word from me as I go by. If he ever talks back we will revisit this issue.
Ride was good and strong. I didn't quite eak out the miles I wanted, only got in 22. I could have made some weird extended pattern as I got closer to home but I didnt really see the point. I just need to get a little more reaquainted with some local loops to make sure I'm putting in the miles I want to.
I was in such a hurry I didn't check my monitor for time vs distance or even average speed and max speed. Maybe I will check at lunch, as I am not doing any double day work outs this week.      

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