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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September brings new light !!


AM run 3.7 miles, I thought I had it at 4.1 miles, but I was wrong. I was very angry at first because this was the day I was upping my running miles. Damn .3 was not what I had intended. But I got over it thinking of how much better my breathing and stride where today. It was still a victory.
Lunch time was 2x75 warm ups and then 750 meter swim straight with 100 cool down. Felt good .

breakfast: GU pre run with a bit of water.
post run- bagle with pb and honey- cup of coffee and 16 oz water

10 am- protein bar

1:30 turkey sandwich, 33.8 oz water and a pickle

3:00 peach and hard boil egg

6:00 dinner chicken breast with brown rice, and salad.  

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