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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August numbers of 1st full month back

So I totalled my swim,bike and run miles for August and all the not huge I was quite pleased concidering its been over a decade that I have focused on real training. It was also pleasing to see the mileage increases after only a couple of weeks.

Swim - 7775 meters or 4.83 miles
Bike - 217 miles
Run - 19.6 miles

amazingly, I have already swam( with todays swim included) 4150 meters in September up to 9-8 with 3 unavoidable off days. Have rode only 33, but that will increase drasticly. And ran 11.6 miles in only 3 runs .

In fact had at PB of 9.30 mpm in 3.2 k run this a.m.- the first time I did this run 6 weeks ago I averaged approx 10.4 mpm.



  1. Yeah on the PB. It's awesome to watch the numbers increase!

  2. coming out your way, well southern Ill. to wisit my father next week. Hope the weather holds up.

    oh and thanx for the good word

  3. Ride this Staurday? Headed up to Long Beach via Bolsa Chica/Westminster to meet a guy and give him a tour of the LB triathlon bike course. 35-40 miles leave at 8 back by 11...

  4. let me see what the wifes morning plans are. I know she is getting some type of recognition award at a (you'll love this) sober recovery home. She's a hair stylist, and once or twice a month she treks over there and gives free hair cust to the men and women in the program that are in recovery. She has been doig this now for 2 or 3 years. Situations kind of neer and dear to our hearts. However it may not be until 2 or so. At the very least I can take some pulls for 10 or so miles before having to head back. I'll let you know for sure by friday if I;m in for the whole or part.