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Friday, September 10, 2010

No A.M. work out is now just weird!

It's now weird to my body not to get up and train, I think this is a good sign. Had to shuttle the wee lad to school today, so I slept an extra hour ( uh what?) and got up made me and the wife a smoothie (fridged hers) and drank mine watching the VUELA on dvr. Which is awesome, because while i'm setting there watching yesterdays, todays starts taping. It's like that every morning and almost like a little gift when I get home. I watch part at night then the finish the next a.m. after work out. 
Anyways, lunch core was good yesterday, although I did miss swimming, but it all has to get done and fit into my wacked out schedule. Dinner was awesome, and sleap was bliss.

9-10-10 weigh in this a.m 209 lbs

31 lbs down from Jan 4th and 16 down from 6 weeks ago.

I'm taking a trip to see my father in the midwest next week or my first race back would have been this month. However it looks like my first race back will be a sprint tri "Big Rock" in Perris lake. Should be a decent test with lake swim,  and it looks like a couple of out and back bike and runs. Pretty stoked. October 16th I believe is the date, I'll comfirm entry this weekend.
2nd target race will be Bonelli turkey tri Sunday Nov 28th also sprint, but a bit more of a challenge, as Ive done an OLY here in the 90's and the bikes not flat, nor is the run. But the swim is open water lake again so yeah ! December I would like to pick out a 10k somewhere localy that is driven towards a cause, so I'll be looking.
Everyone have great day.

phrase of the day- " IF IT IS TO BE, IT'S UP TO ME" Tony Robins or Zig Ziglar can't remember.but still good.    

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  1. Nice progress on the weight loss! Always fun to have a race to look forward to.