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Friday, September 24, 2010

open water swim was good

I say good because besides surfing, I haven't swam in open waters in a LONG time. And though Ive done triathlons years back, theres still something freaky in the beginning of OW swims that is kind of unexplainable. It still felt awesome to not be tracking floor lines on a pool and rotating off a wall. There something really cool about knowing theres a distant destination and that your fully in control and capable of getting there via your own strength.I might also add this was my first swim ever in a real triathlon designed wetsuit and it was awesome !!! It's a sleeveless and I was concerned about armpit rash as I know in years past wearing this type of wetsuit to surf in creates ISSUES and this was no different. So I will partake in the body glide and apply when ever used.I also will note I generally wear an XL and I bought this wetsuit in Large, knowing that it may be snug for a short time, but this to shall pass.And it was fine, I can see where it will fit better as I shed some upper chest and back thickness though.   
I cut the swim down to just 1/2 mile. My original thought was to do 3/4 then exit and jog back to my truck. I had the lungs and strength to do it with out issue but I was feeling a bit sloshy in the head, I felt this way after yesterdays swim and I hope its just from that short layoff, I hadn't really swam since the 9th and I had been swimming 3-4 x a week. Anyways I felt I had a good work out and there was no reason to push yet. I'm still 3 weeks out from my race and its a sprint. Though I will not take my fitness and training hap hazard or lightly because of this, there is no reason to go rictor this week if I'm feeling weird. Taking a day off today, will ride crack off dawn tomorrow and do some core in the afternoon. My wife has my/our diet pretty dialed back in again, having a nice portion of fresh green broccoli, and diced of chicken breast over brown rice last night. I dropped every bit of the 3 extra pounds I gained on said trip last week and will try and be between 202 and 205 come race day. current weight 209 lbs. If your next question is wondering what I signed up for in my upcoming race ? I opted for Clydesdale. I have never raced that division and I didn't really give it too much thought. I figure the downfall may be a late and mixed wave, but I believe the same race has an OLY attached so now I really don't know and don't really care. I'm going with pure stoke and excitement of returning. As long as I get through all legs with no mechanical or equipment issues ITS ALL A WIN, WIN from there.      


  1. Great attitude to finish up the post! Surfing is an awesome cross training workout, hope you're still getting out there. Scariest thing is having the dorsal fin pop up a few feet away before you realize it's just a dolphin.

  2. what if it's not a dolphin? The only thing you'll see in Alamitos Bay is Seals..

  3. Kovas, I'm still lucky enough to get to surf. The only difference now is I dont chase the big south and big west swells like i did a few years back. I prefer chest to just over head and fun. I'm also pretty fair weathered, were as i used to care less if it was storming and victory at sea.
    And Patricks right, that is the beauty of that channel is isolated and pleasently to my suprise way warmer. Rays and seals would be the only culprits, id prefer the latter of the two.