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Monday, September 27, 2010

well I though it was a great run

I must admit after yesterdays movie run with my son, splitting a large soda and popcorn I was motivated to run but the heat never let up. This being said I knew I would fall short of my 50 mile marker for the weekend and I was bummed but not wrecked over it.After seeing the effort my wife had put in to dinner preparations of fresh veggie and chicken kabobs, I kind of felt I owed it to her to hang and help with any last minute preparations. Even at the beach (or as relatively close that we live) it was dead wind and fricken hot in that house. So opted for an early a.m. run.This had to be extra early because I have to get my son up and have him to school by 7:45, 15 miles away from our house. So alarm went off @ 5:00 and I was up dressed, coffee made and stretched by 5:25. I POD on and legs turning over by 5:31. I started out pretty normal pace trying to wake up the body and get breathing regulated for 1st 3/4 mile or so, then seen my shadow cast next to me and watched my arms pump and leg turn over and said I feel good lets push this and make a PB. I really thought I was gliding quite well, straight back, shoulders up, arms sequential, but not robotic, legs pushing fairly pain free. I made my turn around point and got back to that same tempo quite quick and held it for what I believe is .8 mile stretch. Got through the light with very little interruption in cadence and again turned it back up for another .3. I made the corner in my 2nd to last turn and said this I want to be simulated all out race pace and then the last turn would be roughly a 100 yard sprint. I held on to that quick tempo and opened up my stride, playing the mental game to push through the thoughts of backing off, then made that last turn and did open up to a longer and quicker kick for the last 100 yards. All in all I was quite proud and felt some serious personal accomplishment considering less than two months ago I hadn't jogged at a snails pace for over a mile in a decade. It was still pitch dark so I kept fumbling at my watch to get the light on and finally did, to my shock or surprise I had hit the pause function instead of stop and it had rolled into 2nd run function already. So I did some quick math after some choice words to my watch and I still did not break the 9 minute mark it appears I ran 3.4 miles @ 9.11 per mile which is a PB, I just felt I left more out there. So anyways I did it faster, but I really believed I would be sub 9 minute miles. I know for most people and certainly you guys that sub 9 mile is pretty much a gate run and not really pushing but I'm not there yet, and my running has always seem to be a struggle, I'm adequate on the swim, I can push to punish on the bike and I give allot back on the run. I'll be damn if I don't continue to work on this hard. Keep you posted for what it's worth.
Lunch time pool intervals from 1200 to 1500 meters.

breakfast- protein shake of whey,blue berries and banana
snack 1 whey bar
lunch- chicken and broccoli
snack 2 apple
dinner boiled chicken for burritos with whole wheat tortillas,avocado and chopped salsa

hope every ones weekend was a blessed one, we are pretty damn fortunate when its all said and done.

ps . for a no brainer movie for some mindless laughs, I'm giving the nod for " dinner with schmucks"         


  1. Good job on getting up early and then running a PB! Keep it up and those sub 9's will come.

  2. Just keep checking yourself out in the shadow of the sun. In no time you'll stoke yourself up to sub 7 minute miles...

    By the way, I'd gladly trade :30 off my miles for your food intake discipline.