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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Body revolt

Man I tell you what, yesterday was a rough day with my body re adapting. Like I said a slothed through both work outs and powered water along with some clean foods through the day, but my body was telling me that If I ever do what I did again for that time frame I will pay a price. Headache from hell all day, tight shoulders and traps, gurgling stomach.UGGG,I just wanted to collapse in bed and start over. Thank God my wife heard me loud and clear, and I came home to salmon patties and a nice fresh salad with apples and tomatoes,green peppers etc.. (veggied out). no thoughts of desert and rest.
Woke up this morning a little dragging I'm sure I'm still dealing with the flight and time change, along with the 5:00 a.m. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ to get up but it was on and back to good old routine. Whey shake, half before work out and finish upon return. She had a good menu of foods for lunch and I feel better already. Run was solid, not real fast (imagine that) but steady and effective.Ran 9 minute miles for just over 4 miles,and without a doubt I could have pushed a lot harder, but after yesterdays debacle I thought of the blah effect. Id rather be smooth and steady than pushing and possibly hurting something. I work up through this week and keep moving to faster and harder as my body reforms.
I will pass on the lunch pool swim today and do a 3/4 mile open water tonight. I certainly hope that goes better than yesterdays flounder and I'm sure it will.
Thanks for the motivation and kind inspiring words.

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