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Sunday, September 12, 2010

run run run

plans fell apart for a brick today, but did manage to get out and offer for a longer run(for me) longest run for me yet. Ran 6.8 miles in 1:03 56 so i;m guessing thats just over 9 minute miles :-O thats not very good, and honestly I never fealt a groove or any comfort in my stride. But it is what it is and I really wasnt just trying to bang out miles, I really wanted to pace and surge, but I'm telling you I never ,ever fealt any flow. Oh well miles in I'm happy and I guess it could be a lot worse, also leaves a ton of room for improvement :-)  


  1. I was going to do a brick too but unless you call 6 hours a reasonable transition time, It will have to go into the books as a "double session".

  2. That's a decent run, nothing wrong with a slower pace, important to do on longer runs in order to not beat up the body and also train body to burn fat and not glycogen. Congrats on a new longest run!

  3. Partick T1 may need some work, 6 hours is unacceptable, even if flying state to state to start next leg.
    Party was good ? son was happy I'm sure :-)

  4. Thanks for the advise and encouragement Kovas, sadly I really love running. Im just not real special at it. Im inspired to keep logging miles though. Headed out to St louis MS on wednesday where I will get a run or two in, and then Up to Sothern ILL. to stay with my dad for a couple days where I should get in a run. Should be nice to view some different terrains and sights.