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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ROUND TWO seems appropriate

Ive read so many blogs as of late I have felt inspired and compelled to join in. Weather it's just me reading it, or someone else checking it out. I have done this one other time at the beginning of this year and tracked training and food, which I will do here also along with other tales from the dark side.

FYI- previous blog of training was nothing more than a commitment to lose weight and stay focused on training to keep me regular and interested.

I'll be more diligent in keeping miles,sessions and meals this time. Hoping for critics,encouragement and hopefully to get others out of a rut and off the couch. (will see)

For this first blog I'll start by stating this is my 2nd go around for multi sports. I'm 44 now have 3 boy's from 29 to 10 and 2 grandchildren. Happily married to a wonderful supportive wife, blessed to be working although it's very regularly 50-60 hour weeks and  I'm happy to have a job. From 1985 to 1991 I ate,slept,and bleed triathlon or some form of self inflicted pain. More on that LATER.
Ive never fell out pf love with the sport, just fell away. Life happens and I went in other directions, always following cycling and televised swimming, running, and Ironman comps.
Something was different this year, I really wanted something more in a lifestyle change.
I'm 5'9" and had ballooned up to 240 lbs. :-O. Hated the thought of past life experiences that I had lived and now this ?? WTF, what happened. You can use any excuse you want, and we have had a grip of them to turn to.But really would you rather go through tough times a slug or fit and alert ? I'm choosing the latter.

January 4th this year I committed to the gym 3 days a week and eating fairly healthy. That turned into 4 days a week and eating really clean and lean. Alternating weight training with body weight exercises and self taught kick boxing routine.
I did that religiously for 5 months 3-4 days a weeks, and walla dropped 25 lbs and looked pretty solid vs roli poli.
I liked where I had gotten but wanted to kick it up a notch.

DVR became a savior. I began to tape and watch the tour, every minute of it, and bang I was mentally hooked to cycle again. But wait you jack ass, you have sold off everything that was relative to that life over the years. DAMN ! what now ? make do and make it work. I still had a mountain bike that was 10 years old and although I rode the hell out of it, it was in good shape because that's how we roll. SOOOOOOOOOO ride it, start spinning at the gym, swim a couple laps, run on that treadmill you always look away from !
Guess what, fat and all I still had drive, I still had the voice inside that pushes you through thresh holds we don't now we can go through. SWEET !!! By July I had convinced my wife to let me get a used bike (thank you craiglist) with out you I would not have concurred. I started swimming intervals with website info, I started running on the road again !! YEAH !!!! The sport I love to hate, and hate to love. So yeah as many others here I have caught the fire, caught the bug again. I sickly and shamefully can't wait to train every day, log miles and see progress and failures.

So this is where it begins, AGAIN !!         

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