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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

yin and yang

Well ill start by saying my computers on the Fritz, so this is via blackberry.
Had an awesome lunch swim yesterday, doing 4x100 then 4x200 2x50 cool downs, best swim yet, I will now start tracking times and keep logged.
That was the yin, the yang? Well it had to happen. I woke early and fresh for a 25 mile ride, I'm a tire pressure freak so I pulled my bike off  the wall rack and lo and behold I have my 1st flat. I laugh and thank the man above that it was here and not out there I proceed to pull my spair tube from under my seat, I figure before I dismount and mount it, ill check it. Its got a .5 inch split and I'm not riding. In waiting on two tires I ordered I guess I should have already picked up the tubes!! But I hadn't. But you can bet yer azz ill have them today.Worse thing is that 5 am ride today would have been awesome due to mid summer temps showing in fall. I still feel lucky. So what should I do? Drink coffee, whip up a smoothie? Watch tivo of IM- KENTUCKY, which I'm excited about seeing? They all sounded great but that's not how we get it done. So off it was to lace up the running shoes, program stupid expensive quicksilver watch {best used for surfing I guess}, program I pod and hit the road. Not being scheduled to run I really didn't have a mental loop I was geared for.So I went for an extended version of one I had done a few weeks back. My legs were a little sore in the beginning but they warmed up pretty fast. I ran out just under 5 miles in 40:26 that was a great run for me. And I just have to believe it was suppose to be this way on this day.
I do miss my pedals but its all good. I need to work on running anyway's.


  1. Sounds like a good swim and nice to keep the blogging going even with a mobile device. You kind of lost me after "Kentucky" though.

  2. WOW !!!!!!!!!!! What a disaster. I have since etided it in english !!! hahahahahaha. what a joke. Sorry about that.

  3. o.k. this sucks. I meant edited it