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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tender hammies

Went to bed last night with a one foot in ,one foot out attitude about training this morning. Set the alarm for 5am and woke up at 4:45 on my own. Was it a sign ? probably not, I'm just getting used to waking at that hour. So up I go quietly not to wake the wife who 90 % of the time these days is up @ 5 also due to work related obligations. But not today, so I wanted to let her sleep in a bit if at all possible.
Rumble in to the kitchen like a bull in a china closet, make coffee, go into garage get down bike, check tires and grab a water bottle to fill. Grab some shorts and a jersey off of a drying hanger in the garage in the now never ending rotation of cycling, running and swim clothes. Slug down half a bottle of water and choke down half a protein bar and start a lite stretch. Ive went kind of hard this week, considering Ive only been back training at this pace since the beginning of August. Anyways I decide on a 15 mile loop spinning only, NO large ring a stay in aero position for its entirety. Leave the house at 6:05 and start the warm up to PCH, knowing that is the mile mark were it really begins. Legs and body feel good, I drop to the arm rest and I'm off. Ride went really good. Pace was clean and smooth at average of 20.3 mph in small ring, never waited at a light and time flew, almost to quick. I was thinking damn maybe these quick loops are already a thing of the past, I'm thinking 20 miles maybe the new fast loop distance. However I feel my hamstrings today twinging a bit so maybe it was a perfect day and rest is needed tomorrow.

food today:
pre ride- 1/2 protein bar
post ride- protein shake with banana, whey, plain yogurt, flax seed, and peanut butter (all in moderation)
2 cups of JO. and a bottle of water

10:00 protein bar/bottle of water

12:00 most of a full chicken breast, with a 1/2 cup of pasta and some mixed veggies/bottle of water

2:00 peach /bottle of water

4:00 grapes/water

6:00 homemade lasagna with ground turkey (yum)

take care


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  1. Did you get my email? Up for a Ride Saturday morning?