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Thursday, September 9, 2010

agony of defeat or thrill of victory ?

a.m. ride started off at 6 am and was damp, cold and a little headwind. I had and out in back in my head that is roughly 20-25 miles. At the turn around point in Newport I see a pack headed the other way, probably 10-15 riders, most matching but what the heck if I can hook up and not get spit out I'm game. But the light took FOREVERRRRRRRR and I spent the next 5 miles playing mind chess, that if I was hitting every friken light, surely they had to hit some. No such luck they diesled away, never to be seen again. I fealt defeated for a bit, then reminded myself how lucky I was to be back out here with the ability to do this. I say Victory !! 

ride- 22.8 mles
stoke - 100%


  1. Noted on Saturday, let me know.

    Let me guess, that one light before the river coming south, Brookhurst, Magnolia, maybe even Newland and Beach?

  2. Brookhurst damn it !!!! And I was really want to go to superior or the little turn around just before and then seen them and got all excited.
    In !!! for Saturday, I'm assuming your rolling out of your house via bike and headed to bolsa chica/westminster errrrr 2nd street? I'm on the way if you want you can swing by the casa or if yer weird about that we can meet on the road. email me if I didnt give you my cell number or if I did ring me when you get a chance.