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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home sweet home

Had an enjoyable trip back to see my father. Only got 1 run in though as my plans changed night to night and day to day. But THE one run I got was quality and lengthy, very hilly and super humid. My approximation was just under 5 miles, and more hills in one run than I have ever acheived. I ate good for about 48 hours and then things slipped, not so bad as main meals. I did manage some fish, some steak and a grip of veggies, but deserts were non stop. Funny thing is I could normally care less about deserts, but it's normally not fresh berry cobblers, and pies.Enough about that, I'm glad to be home and back on track . I even went as far as going to get protein powder and fruit to have a 4:30 a.m. smoothie in my system yesterday for the trip home. Showed Grandma how to make them and left it with her, encouraging her to partake several times a week.She liked them, so we'll see.
Got home yesterday around 11:00, milled around and then crash napped for 4 hours, Got up ate watched some Tivo shows and in bed by 9:30.
Up at 5:20 a.m. this morning and banged out a 17.5 mile loop that was incredibly hard after 11 miles. My diet was so "F'd" up that I was struggling to keep cadence on things and areas I have been blowing through. I just smiled and laughed then grimaced and swear ed and got through it. Cant wait for lunch to swim, and tomorrows another day. But I can guarantee my food will be right !!   

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