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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hot, Humid and Hammering

Wow, it felt awesome to be on the bike this morning. Being that 90% of my rides are at between 5:15 and 6:00 am start times it's usually a little chilly. But with this minny heat wave it was just great. No leg warmers, no long sleeves, just shorts and a tri top. It had only been 3 day's since my last ride but because I had a minor mechanical issue yesterday with no immediate repair resource it felt like a week had passed.
Got on the road just after 6:00 a.m. and the cooler air hitting me felt great. I loosened up real fast and after 3 miles of spinning I was ready to pour it on for the first 4 mile interval. I had an average speed of 24 mph on that first charge and was real comfortable in aero and cadence. I timed the next up coming light spot on and dropped for the next 3.6 mile charge, this has a slight little false climb at the end and I showed an average speed of 22.8 mph. At this point I have no real lactate build up and I feel fueled and charged, I make a turn on to PCH get up to a steady 23 mph and drop to aero position for a nice smooth 6 mile stretch crossing 7 lights and hitting all of them GREEN !!! Average speed was 21.7 mph and should have been into whatever little head wind that was out there, but you could actually feel the resistance. I made my turn off PCH and headed back home down Golden west st. keeping a smooth tempo but speed has slowed a bit now. I'm still trying to hold on to the 20's, I'm telling myself anything over 20 is good, 21 and above is bonus. I have about a 5 mile ride in from there and I kept on as hard and often as I could. I did finally hit a red light and I wasn't too pissed about that. I had emptied nearly both my water bottles by the time i arrived home and pulled numbers. I didn't write them down yet, but this is from memory because of all the sevens.
Distance = 21.7 miles, average speed 20.7 mph max speed 37.7 ( there is a pretty awesome short little down hill or two I get off on just hammering). I didn't pull the time but I'm guessing just at 1 hour.
Anyways I felt pretty stoked about the ride, I really felt I left it out there. I only wish this would have been a day where I could have taken the time to do a quick brick attached to it, just to see how ragged I would get.Although after thinking about it, I really had nothing in my system other than 1/2 of my protein shake I had drank before leaving and two bottles of water. I'm sure that would have made it interesting after a mile or so on the run. My recovery was awesome, and I've been bouncing around all morning long at work.
scheduled for a 5:30 p.m. OW swim for at least 1/2 mile, may go more if I have it in me.

food yesterday-

whey shake for breakfast
whey bar snack 1
broccoli salad and 1 turkey roll up for lunch
no 2nd snack
roasted veggie salad and 1/2 white cheese pizza from CPK.

food today

whey shake
whey bar
chopped chicken breast and grilled peppers
almonds pre swim ( about 40 minutes before)
dinner ???

15 more days to go hard, obviously there will be a couple rest days in there, and hopefully life will stay calm. until Oct 16th Big Rock sprint.  


  1. killer ride, I'm headed out for a lunch ride in about 1/2 an hour...

  2. woo hoo brother, its warm out there now. Bring your oxygen mask. Your the man.