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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wow , how important food really is

As I said I would, I hit the pool today at lunch for my first swim work out in almost two weeks on top of my recent trip and lack of real nutrition. I was flat and struggled through every stoke. I did eek out 1050 meters but it was pathetic and recovery between 250 meter intervals were sad.
I have comfirmed and signed up for Big rock tri on Oct 16th, so I should be consistant with work outs and diet from here on out. I'll keep you posted.  


  1. was it long term bad food from the last week or just a case of not enough short term fuel?

  2. I believe just too much of too little. Empty, non condusive calories. I litteraly have had a head ache since before my pool work out and I just resorted to some Aleve at 4:45. Ive been pounding water and keeping fueled up with some nuts and dried fruit. Dinner and rest should help, I think I'm just lagged. 4.6 m run in the a.m. should be a good test.

  3. Way to sign up for the race, should be a good motivator to get the eating back on track (if the difficult workout isn't enough).