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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Treadmills, love em,hatem relationship.

Thursday December 16th; Captains log- Oh wait wrong blog, that's how I start my Star Trek blogs.

O.K. stop, I am not, nor ever have been a Treky. In fact I only saw Star Wars once. Which is amazing since my son, up until 3 weeks ago has been a huge Star Wars Lego kid. Now It's Halo.

That all has nothing to do with anything. It was just a Thursday ramble.

This does:
I ran on a treadmill for the first time today since August. My day was supposed to be just a lunch pool swim at 1000 meters to make up for Monday's mess. But as I slept I came up with the brilliant idea to do an indoor brick instead.
Put me on record for saying, " NOT A BIG FAN OF THE TREADMILL". I don't give you belt grinders enough credit.
So the plan was suit up to run with swim skins under the run shorts, take everything up stairs at the gym, do a 4 mile run, grab all my crap and transition in pool area straight into a 600 meter swim.

All of it ALMOST happened.
I got all set up as said and started running. I thought o.k. this isn't bad, my form is much smoother than my last visit on the belt and I had a good 9:40 pace going. I could tell it was like a fast jog. After mile 1, I kicked it up to an 9:00 and felt like I was working. After 2, I set it at 8:35 and held that through 3 miles where I finally caved to utter boredom. Sorry, I ran out 3.2 miles and gave in.
Grabbed my crap and headed down stairs straight through the locker room, pool side.
 Crap 2 lanes taken, F it, I'm swimming in the walking lane. If they come and get pissed so be it. I transitioned in race fashion, fast and huffing. I got going and felt pretty good, I got in 18 laps or 450 meters before any lane loungers showed up.
I was respectful though I did my wall turn and headed back up. I thought screw it I'll finish 50 meters,make it an even 500 and feel good about it. No hassles, no issues.

So all in all, 4 mile run on treadmill = FAIL
600 meter swim = FAIL

Sprint distance indoor tri brick = SUCCESS.

It was way better,funner than just a mile of drills and walls. And ended up being a good work out .

Ill have to build up my treadmill tolerance. I can see where this will be a good tool for speed intervals with out track workout/coach.

KUDOS to any of you having to ,or choosing to do regular treadmill grinds. That's crazy.   


  1. Hey - don't forget the fact that you worked the 4th stage of triathlon and that is transition. Now your events are all backwards but we can work on that later.

  2. I ran on the treadmill last night for the first time in idk how long. And as I ran, I remembered why it had been that long. Well, bc I rarely have time time to get to the gym, but also bc running inside is the definition of boredom.

  3. agreed the TM running is soooo hard

    at least you got Something in!!


  4. Dude, that still sounds kind of fun.

  5. That does sound fun and the treadmill is an mazing tool with the right attitude!

  6. Duhhhh.... they use Stardates, not calendar dates!
    "Captains log, Stardate 40237.0...."

    Crap. I knew downloading the entire ST:Voyager collection would catch up to me one day. I'm not a trekkie but damn I've been watching way to much of it lol.

    Great job on the indoor Sprint. That sounds like fun!
    I've managed to avoid the treadmill so far. I don't look forward to it from what I've been reading.
    I've never done a distance treadmill workout before.