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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunny Southern California, NOT SO MUCH.

I'm not complaining anymore, or whining. Just saying.

Still over soaked here in So Cal. I did see one guy headed towards PCH on a bike this a.m.
He was geared for rain, and rain he would get.
It would be great if we had a Crystal ball, because there have been windows where you could get in some outdoor sessions without getting rained on, but they are far and few between at this point.

Meet with Patrick from and which ever you follow him as, I hope both.

Saturday for a cup of JO and some stuff he is going to help me with. We had to abandon a ride and he was serving up a trail run instead. That sounded good and looked like we could get it in without too much fowl weather.
An hour later he called me, and I had committed to something else and backed out. Sorry P.

I bring this up only because all hell broke loose at about the time he was suppose to run. I look forward to the distance and mud fest report.

I ran some remedial errands and one important one. I got home to fit in 6.3 miles, never once getting more than a couple of rain drops. It was a good loop that took me from my house to a main street, down to the beach and then looping back through some neighborhoods. Then back out to the marina and then back home. The lite mist and wet roads soaked me but I was stoked to be out turning my legs over and enjoying every step of it.
About 30 minutes after I got home and showered the skies opened up again for hours. Sometimes lite, sometimes hard and blowing sideways.
The running gods where on my side for sure.

No morning work out today. I've opted for a lunch session a the gym, 40 min spin bike to 20 minute treadmill run brick.
Stay dry, stay safe. I'm jonesing for this view someday soon again.



  1. What is your address? I want to send you a case of Kleenex and a broken violin! haha! Hard to feel bad for you when the other 364 days of the year are 72 degrees and sunny ;)

    Have a good holidays!

  2. LOL@Jon - bring that violin to MN its snowing here again!! uggggggghh

  3. I hope you stay dry. If you have the time and want to log those indoor miles I am hosting a virtual 70.3 this week. everyone else seems to be getting rain and snow this week, we finaly have the sun.

  4. Jon- why are you sticking it to me ?

    DRog- I FEEL FOR ALL OF YOU, except "JON" (JK)

    and Patricks right, it is 354 days.

    Luke I'm not stoked on the indoor miles, but Im up for supporting you. I'll log on and in.

  5. haha! i keep saying this: One day I am going to just quit my job and move down to San Diego. Then I am going not feel bad for those who get snowed upon! haha!

  6. I'll trade you - you can take my spot here in Canada and I promise to weather any storm that can be thrown at your location.

    Just sayin' ;)

    Glad to see the running gods took it easy on you!