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Friday, December 31, 2010

Stick a fork in it

I'm so ready to wrap this up.
To my surprise Ive had a very busy and even productive day today. I hope this is a business trend that will continue into the new year.
Say it's so please. I hope and pray for all the unemployed to get jobs. That we as a nation stand strong and that the many entrepreneurs of this country come out in droves to flourish.
The hungry get feed, and the tired and weary get rest.
Homes stop foreclosing, and become a commodity once again.
Peace and harmony truly become one. ( if this would come together the others would be moot).

I hope you all have big dreams and chase after them.
Don't let the world get in your way, understand that life happens and things will have to go left and right even when you liked them in a straight line.
Find quality friends, and love them like the family you got to choose. Not like the ones you didn't get to.(oh this had to sting some, I know it did me).

Laugh more, and don't take it all so serious. In fact laugh at yourself more you are you're best comedian.
Tell the ones you love just that. "I LOVE YOU". Just because you feel it, doesn't mean they know it.

Swim longer than you ever have. Run longer than you ever imagined possible of yourself. Ride a bike 40 miles and have coffee, then get on it and ride the 40 home.
Cry when your suffering, that pain to shall pass. But the rewards could last a life time.
Don't kick yourself for falling short. Pick yourself up and set another goal. It's out there and you and I have it in us.
Stand up for yourself with confidence, be the leader not the follower. You set the trends if that's what they want to call them. To us it's life !

I'm done.
Last work out was simple but effective. 30 minutes weights and 25 minutes on the treadmill for just under 3 miles.
I got my two current cocktails of choice in front of me
I'm going to say my goodbye's to my team and get home to get away from the crazies.
Please have fun but be safe.

and by all means HAPPY NEW YEARS !!   


  1. It is amateur night! I second your cocktail choices!! Happy 2011!

  2. Here Here to that!!


  3. Great post again.....and those spreadsheets freaked me out for a moment there.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Happy New Year to you as well.

  5. Great post, my friend. Thanks for the great encouragement over the past many months. Looking forward to a great 2011.