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Monday, January 3, 2011

Speaking to soon

Happy New year first of all. I hope everyone was safe and sane.

I hope you all got to enjoy a little you time, along with a bunch of family time.
We did bring in the new years at my house with  very mellow group of people. It was quite different than just a few years back in my life. Where there was lots of loud music,hammered people making fools of themselves, including me. And blah,blah, etc..
The night consisted of some dollar poker, UNO, Domino's, and even some Bingo. (yah, I said it Bingo).
And I won a whole 11 dollars so there.
Food was good and company was great. We spent most of the night watching this years Eric Clapton's Guitar invite festival filmed and recorded in Illinois earlier this past year. If you can appreciate legends of guitar players, I highly recommend this.
We watched the ball drop at 12:00, gave our hugs and kisses and everyone was on there way by 12:20. Wow how my life has changed (for the better).
My wife and I decided to get the entire house back in order so that we would have absolutely nothing to do the next day,(which we were already in).
We finished up by about 2:00 a.m. and hit the rack.
Waking up to an awesome day but not getting out of bed until 10:00 a.m.
Is was so warm and clear she did ask If I wanted to hit the bike for awhile. But I had already bailed on Patricks invite a.m. ride and was not really feeling myself yet.
I'm not a 2:00 a.m. go to sleep kind of guy anymore. So I hung out and just chilled.
It was really a good thing too. My sister that lives in Kansas called me :) we hadn't spoke in at least 3 years. Sad I know. We had a falling out fueled by none other than our mother and things have just not been the same. 3 hours later on the phone and there was alot of clarity to what had happened, and we have resolved that issue. And vowed to never ,ever let that time go by us again.
So that was a great start to the new year.
We enjoyed the day together and got to bed late. I knew rain or shine I was on for a long run on Sunday. They called for rain late Saturday night and on through Monday. But we are now 1 month away from 1/2 marathon and these runs have to get in.
I woke up to semi cloud,cool but nice weather. I was down at the beach by 8:30 and off for 10+ miles.
There were a ton of people running, you could see the ones that are on board for the upcoming Marathon and 1/2. And you could pretty easily pick out the ones that had made a resolution.
For me I was wishing them all luck inside, and excited for what was to come.
I had a decent run. I didn't start my watch until about a mile or so in so my time was all jacked up. To the best of my calculations I ran the 10.3 miles in 1:42 to 1:45 ? give or take. I was kind of pissed at first but there will be more runs. I felt good, was hydrated and fueled. I didn't forget anything and I never really faltered or struggled at any point.
Went home and started right into some minor house items. Then we hit up the store for this weeks meals of fish and chicken.
One of the many great things about my wife is when I need her to get on board about food for me/us when training, she is all over it. And she makes it very convenient too.

The only issue I see is that I woke up and feel like My body is fight a chest/head cold. So I'm going to play it safe and pass on my lunch swim, stay warm and keep feeding my body super foods and water. All this and trying to make sure every nickle made it to the bottom line for my end of month payroll tomorrow.

how did you spend your new years weekend ?     


  1. Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend. Way to go getting that run in. I'm kind of relieved all the holiday craziness is over and I can get back into a routine.

    We drove 4 hours to my cousin's house in Kansas City for a big family slumber party with all of my cousins on my dad's side of the family and all of our kids. I think they had 24 of us spend the night, plus their family of six. We had a blast. I got in about 10 miles yesterday on my mtn bike, and today is the first day of marathon training.

  2. I am so glad to hear that you and your sister patched things up after so long. Families can be so complicated. What a great way to start the year.

  3. you didn't miss anything, the ride didn't go so well...

  4. 15 mile trail run in bitter cold and wind (but on a new trail for me). At the other end? My wife's grandma's 99th birthday celebration!

  5. Good times for sure people. I'm absolutely amazed of the timing with my sister. I'm still realing on that.
    Kate your pedals are in my hand and will be shipped out tomorrow.

    Patrick I read your blog :( Things happen to the best of us. How do you feel today ?

    Kovas your the man, and that map tripped me out. You know I was born in Geneva and lived my first years in Batavia. Still have family very close to that area.

  6. Clapton!!!!

    Great Rsolution and way to start the new year!


  7. I love the idea that you rang in the new year with a 3 hour conversation with a family member you hadn't spoken to in so long. That is a great way to ring in the new year.

    I also like the idea that you were wishing all those runners well regardless of grace or form.