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Friday, January 7, 2011

How would you act ? Food for thought

If you could tweak somethings in your life ever so slightly and make it that much better, would you ?

This often rolls in and out of my head. Sometimes I even take heed to it and make some changes. Ironically, things usually change for the better.
Given the opportunity to change certain things about the way your life operates or that you operate your life, what small things could you,would you being wiling to change to get a different outcome?

Could you be more patient on giving an answer to someone and have a different or better outcome ? I don't know. I do know that we were created with 2 ears and 1 mouth, therefore I think we should listen more than we speak. Just a thought.

How about personal affection ? Are you not a hugger ? Or a type that gives and or even takes compliments well ?
How about wrapping your arms around someone you SHOULD hug, and do it more often. Along with that telling them how you really feel. Words in this manner can go along way.

How about in the multi sport world ? Could you set a short term goal to change your eating habits, if not for a lifetime, than for 60 day's? Just to see what a real difference it would make. Correct food with an aggressive work out plan is a serious recipe for unbelievable results.

Could you add an extra mile to every run you do, or even every other ? Would it matter ? maybe not to some, but to others it would be putting them into a whole different category.

Can you take the first few minutes of every ride your on and give thanks to the one the gives you the ability and the opportunity to be capable of being on that ride. Maybe you do this ? I do. Try it and see if it's any better.
Could we be more transparent about or goals and dreams with the ones closest to us, not just on a blog ? ( I personally fall short of this) and I will work on doing a better job. Maybe that lack of understanding would have less of a negative impact.
Could we be an example to others around us and not even know it? Wow what if you where,would you change certain mannerisms and the way you deliver things ?

Believe me if your exited and changing, it is contagious. Other people can start reeling off what you started. And remember you caught it from someone or something else.
I see so many people walking around down and discouraged these days. I get it. But what if you weren't one of them ? Would your life be better for you and them ?  

I got no training updates. I'll get in some miles tonight, but I hate updating anything until I do it. It makes it sound like it's done. AND IT'S NOT !

I did have another awesome dinner last night of fresh Ahi tuna and wild rice with a side Greek salad( lite on the dressing of course).


  1. Love this! Definitely making me think :) I think I have made some positive changes recently, but I'm sure I could do more.

    I'd like to think that i'm excited and changing( and hopefullygetting others to do the same) :D

    I've eaten very well this week and had some great aggressive workouts (and seen results already!), I'm going to stick with it and see where it takes me. That little paragraph made me even more excited about what I'm doing!

  2. Well written Craig. It is the little things that matter the most.

    For me it is learning to be more patient. I expect a lot out of people and think they should be giving full effort all the time and when they are not I get frustrated and am impatient. So let's start there.

  3. Great post. It definitely only takes small steps to see change!

  4. Small changes and consistency - right on the money.

  5. I just saw your comment on Charisa's blog and flew over. WONDERFUL post, I need this today!
    I hope you DID IT(got the miles in like you said)! Way to stay true!

  6. I need to be more patient and not expect instant results from others. I have gotten so used to getting things NOW because I produce the results, that I forget that others aren't (and shouldn't) be like.

    Great post!

  7. doh! forgot an important word in my comment! "others shouldn't be like ME"

  8. Could I please finish off the second half of a marathon?!! haha PLEASE

    great post
    Im a total hugger lover especially with my fma. Going to force the girls even when they are older for X's and O's

    Interesting regarding the sharing of training goals with fam as my fam doesnt give a rip about training racing, and thats okay. For me I think it is being okay with that and making sure they know I appreciate thhem!!!

    have a great wknd


  9. In no way can I relate to this post, being perfect.

  10. Thanks for the love people :-). Kovas of course you are excluded.

  11. Great post! There are so many little things we can do that turn out to not be little at all in their effect.

    I've been trying to be more talkative with my husband about training and what I'm doing...I try and stop talking just before his eyes glaze over. :)

    I log all of my miles and such on daily mile and they post directly to my facebook. Sometimes I worry that people are sick of reading it (they probably are), but I have a couple friends who've told me directly that I've inspired them and one friend who'd never say it but I know that's why he's training for a 5K. :)

  12. Awesome, awesome, awesome post.