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Thursday, January 27, 2011

It all happens at once

Bleh !
Sometimes everything goes sideways at once.
So you just have to look for that silver lining as they call it (screw THEM).
Just kidding. But seriously, It's been one of those challenging days from the rise of the sun.

I got my health,
I got my family,
I have a job,
I have money in my pocket,
I'm eating left over chicken breast and asparagus.
I'll have a warm meal tonight
I'll have  roof over my head

I really can't complain much. But some day's are just a struggle. So I'll leave it at that and be thankful.

I was suppose to have a core set at the gym today. But I got there and stretched. By the time it would have been time to mingle with the gym rats, I was already over it.
I headed up stairs and proceeded to the last treadmill that faces nothing but a plain wall. I cranked up the IPOD and proceeded to run all that crap out of my head.
Mile 1 - 9:13
mile 2 - 8:31
mile 3- 8:08
mile .10 at 7:37

It felt good, it felt right, and even though it was the treadmill, it felt great to be running.   


  1. You do have the lovely aroma of asparagus pee to look forward to as well. The future is bright.

  2. Nice pacing on the treadmill, hopefully you were listening to some early Black Flag or Adolescents or something.

  3. Thats the spirit! sounds much like my day. I think I'll call in sick tomorrow. I could use a ME day.

  4. way to get on there and Do It

  5. You know... it's alright to have days like that! And no, you don't have to always see the silver lining! :)

    Great job on the run!

  6. Thanks all. Kovas it happened to be Dropkick Murpheys. But as you cam imagine I do have the others on there.